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Gene Decode. Kwazulu Underground Bases. B2T Show Feb 26, 2021 (IS)

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Gene continues his series on Underground Base decodes as well as his thoughts on current events!

Rick reviews a few topics around what he calls the “America Last” movie that is playing now and get’s Gene’s thinking as well.

We dig into Kwazulu and other South Africa likely underground base locations. Gene also trains us at the very end of the video on how to find earthquakes and the depths of those earthquakes.

Rick reviews one of his favorite memory verses that tells us exactly what the narrow path is vs. the road to destruction. Learn the simple truth of works vs. faith and how we can assure we are saved!
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Scroll Down now for the Show Notes!

Why Does Fox News REFUSE To Air This Generic Commercial From Mike Lindell?

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Conservation park worth R100-billion to be built in KwaZulu-Natal


Gene Decode


KwaZulu Natal is a province of South Africa that was created in
1994 when the Zulu bantustan of KwaZulu and Natal Province
were merged. It is located in the southeast of the country,
enjoying a long shoreline beside the Indian Ocean and sharing
borders with three other provinces, and the countries of
Mozambique, Eswatini (Swaziland) and Lesotho.
Earthquakes & Tunnels at 10km


Drakensberg is a mountain range in Southern Africa KwaZulu
Natal, extending through Lesotho and Swaziland. Draak in
Afrikaans means “Dragon which almost sounds like Draco)”.

Highest peak: Thabana Ntlenyana,
3,482 m (11,425 ft).

Massive cave’s in Drakensberg area

Links to tours are available for most of the caves.
The presence of Bushman paintings in or near the caves

2. =Howick Falls

Local lore says a serpent-like beast lurks in the deep basin below

the falls.
Link :

Soccer’s 2010 World Cup Stadium

On coast line of KZN the symbol of a Yoni and Drago eye from bird’s eye view

uShaka Marine World/Water Park
near the Durban harbour is full of Cabal symbols like owl, broken cross, one eye, Phoenix and the Y symbols and the blue colors for mind control.

Durban’s seedy underbelly tunnels
The tunnels – are more than two metres high and wide enough to fit a truck. They run from the Durban Harbour to the Warwick area and split into 3 more tunnels that date back to 1935 –
Durban Harbour tunnel at 4.4M —first use of a slurry tunnel boring machine in Druban harbour,

Cannibalism in Kwazulu Natal
Dark secrets of poor villagers ‘tired of eating human flesh’
Link : 2017-08-26-dark- secrets-of-poor-villagers–tired-of–eating-human–flesh
Link : cannibal-case-2-kzn-men- who-killed-woman-for-body-parts-get-life-sentences

South Africa: Massive fire engulfs historic Durban mosque Huge fire breaks out in 139-year-old Grey Street Mosque in the southeastern port city of Durban. 24 Aug 2020
Link: South-africa-massive-fire- engulfs-historic-durban-mosque

Embongweni – Kokstad Super Max Correctional Centre
30°33’1.46″S, 29°24’3.15″E not far from recent EQ

Future projects for a conservation park
Worth R100-billion to be built in KwaZulu-Natal

The development will feature a national park, the world’s biggest aquarium, geodomes with artificial environments replicating Antarctica and the Amazon Rain Forest as well as pulse beam anti-aircraft technology to defend the animal population. And a 12 km square visitor and science compound.

Conservation-park-worth-r100- billion-to-be-built-in-kwazulu-natal


The province is located on the Highveld, a plateau rising to elevations of 6,000 feet (1,800 m) in the east and sloping to about 4,000 feet (1,200 m) in the west. Two streams drain the province: the upper Orange River, which forms the province’s southern boundary, and the Vaal River, part of its northern boundary.
Earthquakes & Tunnels at 10km

1. =Naval Hill

Standing on the crest of flat-topped Naval Hill are 2 British naval guns. Many years ago, Naval Hill was home to Back in 1928 the Mayor of Bloemfontein opened the Lamont-Hussey Observatory on Naval Hill. At that time it was under the ownership of the University of Michigan. It was however closed in 1974.

Twin Tower Church

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Welkom was founded in 1947 amid goldfields, the development of which brought rapid growth. Unlike many gold mining towns, it was carefully planned from the beginning around a horseshoe- shaped shopping and administrative area.

Welkom – Witpan 28.029°S / 26.813°E

Shooting Range – Welkom area – phoenix tail

28° 3’33.89″S, 26°46’7.30″E (bunny shape with pink feet ) Bambanani Gold mine in Welkom
23 January 2021, 28.046°S / 26.804°E

Bambanani Gold Mine most recent EQ around this area

Bambanani Gold Mine underground

26°57’24.52″S 26°46’40.22″E Vaal Reefs Mine

Buffelsfontein – Health Care Centre (near Viljoenskroon)

6°59’47.33″S 28°10’28.28″E Vaaldam EQ near to that area

26°53’50.21″S, 28° 5’11.63″E near Vaaldam

Hertzogville – Protest action for water, the unintended flint which led to damaging farm fire
While the community of Malebogo informal settlement, Hertzogville, is responsible for fires that have ripped through Free State farmlands this week, they did not do it on purpose. This is according to police and to farmers TimesLIVe met with on Thursday.
2020-10-23-in- pictures-hertzogville-farmers-say-they-were-caught-in-the-fire

Military helicopter flying overhead flooded plains a few months later


North West is a province of South Africa. Its capital is Mahikeng. The province is located to the west of the major population centre of Gauteng.
Earthquakes & Tunnels at 10km

The only routes to enter into and out of South Africa and Botswana are through Martins Drift and Ramatlabama. The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs in Botswana says the Tlokweng border post in Botswana has temporarily closed.
It is not clear what has prompted the action – but it comes amid the strong second wave of the coronavirus in South Africa.
Freedom Park, Mpala Platinum Mines

Pilansberg Nature Reserve

The ‘Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex’ is the park’s primary geological feature and is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its type in the world. It is located within the Witwatersrand range comprising a vast circular crater of an extinct volcano that last erupted some 1,200 million years ago.

Mafikeng Nature Reserve – Sun City

Sol Kerzner (23 August 1935 – 21 March 2020) was a South African accountant and business magnate. He founded both of South Africa’s largest hotel groups, the Southern Sun Hotel Group and Sun International which career spanned over 45 years.


Klerksdorp (municipal office)

Klerksdorp Industrial area
(gold and uranium mining)

Rabbit – 26°51’55.18″S, 26°44’56.91″E

Klerksdorp Correctional Services (Prison)

Chalice, thousand points of light pointing towards Earth

Bible Memory Verse
Ephesians 2:8-9
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this isnot from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that noone can boast.

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