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Gene Decode! Africa Underground Bases: Mpumalanga, Limpopo. B2T Show Mar 4, 2021 (IS)

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Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Gene decodes another 2 providences of South Africa and gives us amazing insights to current underground battles.

Gene asks us to pray for the worldwide special forces who suffered a loss from the evil cabal that has resulted in a change to the rule of engagement as we fight the evil underground.

The providences of Mpumalanga and Limpopo are full of beautiful places that the Cabal took over and place Cabal symbols to mark their underground base locations.

We end with a scripture that discusses how we can demolish the lies of the MSM and other thing against the knowledge of God and how we can capture all our thoughts and make them obedient to Christ.

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Amanda Grace

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Great Limpopo




Six creepy urban legends from the dark heart of South Africa





Mpumalanga (Zulu name for “the place where the sun rises”) is a province in eastern South Africa, bordering the nations of Swaziland and Mozambique. It embraces the southern half of Kruger National Park, a huge nature reserve with abundant wildlife including big game. The province’s iconic Blyde River Canyon, among the world’s largest, is known as a green canyon because of its subtropical foliage.

Earthquakes & Tunnels at 10km

Kruger National Park

Next to Mozambique border

Link :

The Big Five at the Kruger National Park

The Panda logo a well know paedophile symbol

Let’s Defund the World Wildlife Fund

The organization is a tremendous burden on taxpayers and a dangerous threat to the indigenous people in the areas where the WWF is active. Too often, the WWF does more harm than good to the animals and lands they profess to protect.

A great article written by By Drew Johnson of NewsMax Link: Wildlife-Fund/2012/10/12/id/459740/ blanche/season/33/videos/vultures-killings-in-the-kruger/video

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

Celebrity’s sure love South-Africa and one of them is Richard Branson who has Ulusaba Private Game Reserve located in the Western sector of the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve in Mpumalanga. Ulusaba Game Reserve boasts two lodges. It is massively expensive – not even the normal family could have a vacation there – but then again who would want to once you see all the symbols from an eagle’s view.

24°47’41.28″S, 31°20’38.95″E Eagle eye view

The above image has all the symbols – one eye and do note the two tennis courts – this seems strange as the heat can get immensely high in this region.

White mask in entrance is a male and female Chitauri as Credo Mutwa explain it is his YouTube clips



24°47’37.35″S/ 31°21’31.92″E eagle eye view of the 5 Camps and a tarred runway for his Virgin airplanes.

Mpumalanga is also rich in coal reserves, and home to South Africa’s major coal-fired power stations Eskom – three of which are the biggest in the southern hemisphere. The symbols in the logo are lightning bolts, Ying and Yang and the word ESKOM in Gematria is Lucifer.

Eskom seems to always play a big part in the huge corruption scandals involving money lending that also involve Deloitte china-bails-out-eskom

Mpumalanga produces about 80% of the country’s coal.

which is an Anglo-American multinational professional services network.

Eskom signed a R33 billion term facility agreement with China in

One of the mines operating in Mpumalanga which is world

renowned is …

Symbol for boy lovers as shown on the FBI symbols Pedophile list.

Most of the black spots on this map are mines and this photo is only in one region of Mpumalanga.

25°53’19.22″S/ 29°16’1.16″E Casino and shopping mall in a Emalahleni surrounded by coal mines and power stations.

White building in shape of a pinecone and blue rooves which are known for mind control.

25°39’46.75″S / 28°30’55.39″E

Cullinan Diamond mine in Mpumalanga

Prison near the diamond mine

25°40’58.28″S/ 28°32’54.57″E

25°49’33.87″S, 28°43’58.15″E
In a small town called a Big Chinese temple with a few other symbolised buildings – the orange building represents Solomon’s Temple

Nan Hua Buddhist Temple

Drum Rock Industrial Park building in shape of a Rabbit

25°24’19.31″S, 30°59’1.13″E

25°42’39.60″S, 29°20’20.40″E childlike face on ground near recent earthquake and tunnel running through it.

25°53’31.20″S, 29°21’57.60″E owl symbol near recent earthquake


If you visit this spot in Mpumalanga, you’ll see something quite remarkable. Around 75,000 ago, dwellers on the land created stone formations that look pretty innocuous at first glance. But as we’ve learned more about the universe, it would seem the designs correspond perfectly with star signs and equinoxes.

Did ancient South Africans craft a celestial calendar millennia before the likes of Galileo? Or did they get a helping hand for somewhere else? Much like the perfectly-crafted pyramids of Giza, the design is just too advanced for that time period.

south-africa-creepy- urban-legends

200,000 year old cities structures recovered – which are mostly near gold mining areas.


Earthquakes & Tunnels at 10km

Nelson Mandela Circle

Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa. It is named after the Limpopo River, which forms the province’s western and northern borders. The capital and largest city in the province is Polokwane. Limpopo’s mines are largely owned by the Anglo’s and Rio Tinto’s of the world.

Limpopo Province, South Africa’s Food Basket Limpopo Province is the Bread and Fruit Basket of South Africa, producing up to 60% of all fruit, vegetables, maize meal, wheat and cotton. Makapan’s Caves is one of only two Stone Age sites in the world that contain an unbroken sequence of artifacts from the Earlier Stone Age to the Later Stone Age


The ThatheVondo Forest is sacred to the Venda people of
Limpopo. Situated in the mountains above Lake Fundudzi,

traditional folk lore says the forest is patrolled by a sacred white lion, there is also rumoured to be a thunder and lightning bird called Ndadzi, which, according to myths, flies on the wings of thunder (could this be a UFO sightings). This area is sacred, you can only enter with a local tour guide.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been accused of breeding and selling animals to be shot and killed from his PhalaPhala wildlife breeding operation in Limpopo province. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a non- profit American animal rights organisation, said in a statement on Friday a secret investigation revealed that Ramaphosa also owns a stake in a hunting company called Tsala Hunting Safaris. And of course, he denies all allegations.

Link: accused-of-profiting-from-breeding-and-selling-animals-for-trophy- hunting-9384deaf-96fa-4aa1-91d3-3262e80d6014

24°44’0.06″S, 28° 1’15.39″E birds eye view of farm

This is the R4 million buffalo Cyril Ramaphosa just sold – along with R15 million in other game, including rare Ugandan cattle in 2018-2019.

The night before the auction, Ramaphosa addressed 400 of the world’s biggest game buyers. He reportedly told them that the ANC’s land policy will be implemented responsibly.
In the audience, there were some of the country’s biggest landholders, who arrived in private jets and helicopters. Ramaphosa did not witness the sale as he left on an official trip to China. cyril-ramaphosa-just-sold-along-with-rare-sable-oryx-and-ugandan-cattle- 2018-9

Old Peter Mokaba Stadium

23°55’34.13″S, 29°27’46.00″E

Makhado Air Force Base1 – Military base Louis Trichardt

23° 8’49.53″S, 29°41’9.95″E

South-Africa Defence Force Emblem again the pentagram symbol

Farming ground near mines

24°40’12.00″S, 28°44’56.40″E

One of the mines in Limpopo looks like a PC board

24°49’45.89″S / 27°19’58.37″E

Bible Memory Verse

2 Corinthians 10:5

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself upagainst the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thoughtto make it obedient to Christ.





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