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Gates to go Broke. Zuck to Retire. Donne Clement & Amanda LIVE. B2T Show Aug 2, 2022

B2T Show

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A prophetic word from Julie Green today states that Bill Gates will lose all his prosperity including all the properites he has purchased and even his stake in Microsoft.

Bill Gates true evil will be exposed and Mark Zuckerburg will leave his position because the Lord is removing him.

Later we have Donne Clement (Kim Clement’s daughter) and Amanda Grace on LIVE!

We also learn many other things from the prophetic word including how

Gold and Silver will be a key in taking the Babylonian system down.

Even the Federal Reserve will be eliminated.

We also review the noise from the prophets of Bail (the Media) about Tiwain and China threats due to the Nancy Pelosi visit.

We also look at the Brandonomics and how the recession sets in and how we need to look to precious metals to protect our wealth and participate in the great wealth transfer.

Donne shares how she came into the “House of Destiny” ministry, why she joined the Great Awakening tour and how she met Amanda.

Amanda talks about her introduction to Donne and they both expand on how the Holy Spirit is moving within the ReAwaken America tour.

Amanda and Donne give us advice on what to pray for and what we an expect going forward.

They both give specific prayer requests and Rick lifts them up in prayer.

We go Backstage with Amanda and Donna for some quick Q&A and the Backstage prayer warriors lift them both up in prayer to encourage and refresh these great prophetic women.

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