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Feinstein in China? She is afraid of GITMO! B2T Show Jan 6 – Guest Redank!

Show Notes:

Amanda Grace Go Fund me page

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Guest Speaker! 


Pelosi & Schumer Get HAMMERED for Creepy Response to Trump Border Speech (Watch)

IRS Ignores Illegal Immigrants Using Fake Social Security Numbers; Corporal Singh’s Accused Killer Had Two

No Deals! No DACA! No Amnesty! POTUS, we have your back! Build the fucking wall!

Clinton Foundation Has Exclusive Deal to Sell to Every Police, Firefighter, EMT Around the Country a $4500 per dose Evizio NARCAN AUTOINJECTOR, anti-Fentanyl OD Drug By Kaleo Pharma

DJT Name for Wall 

RBG Has Pneumonia?? 

Trump’s Supreme Court!?! SB2 Decodes – B2T Show Jan 11

Prophesy – Help Needed




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