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The B2T Show

Fake MAGA. Antifa Capital Break-In! B2T Show Jan 6, 2021

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

This episode is recorded live from Washington DC where Rick exposes a False Flag! Antifa (dressed as MAGA) disrupts the Congress in a staged event.

Rick shows major evidence showing an Actor was used that was at a past BLM march. Not only is this the same actor, he purposely gets pictures with “Q Sent me” and gets interviewed by media talking bad about the media and good about Trump.

Videos are shown how this was staged and we see the normal fake news media attacking Trump.

We review a powerful Word from the Lord from Amanda that address many factions of the Cabal and how it will fall hard over the next 4 years.

We end with a Bible Verse about the Narrow Path that leads to salvation!

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