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Facebook Censors Article on Rona Censorship! PHD Economic Update. B2T Show Dec 16, 2021

B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Facebook censors an article about Corona 19 Censorship!  Communist Orwellian 1984 Censorship before our eyes!

We see record setting inflation that if calculated like it used to would be the highest of all time.  Exceeding that of the Carter administration.

We see part of Dr. Peter McCullough’s blockbuster interview with Joe Rogan where he exposes the Medical Cartel and the Plannedemic!

We get into other news and read parts of Romans 9 that shows how we can become part of Abraham’s see through belief!

At the end of the show, we sing with Kent Henry “Way Maker” and praise the Lord before we go backstage for PraiseNPrayer for a full hour.  Join Backstage here:

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