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Elites Assassination of Biden? LIVE Dave Scarlett of His Glory. B2T Show Sep 27, 2022

Show Notes

Blessed2Teach empowers Christian Patriots with truth!

“The Biden” is an actor and the “real Biden” is dead according to multiple prophetic words from Julie Green.

The “real Biden” death was not an accident!  Therefore, the elites likely assassinated him!

We learn that the man who killed who he thought was a “Republican extremist” is out on low bond, no house arrest.

We also see more fake charities that are spending millions to help Democrats win elections.

These are reasons we are fighting them with economic warfare.  See to fight with Rick and Scott.

Pastor Dave comes on the show and reviews his near death experiences where he saw heaven and also saw the risen Christ!

We learn how he was called to Ministry and his journey back from near death several times.

He updates on his latest intel including dooms day planes in the air in the US due to nuclear threats.

The elites want war and chaos as they know this election will be a nightmare for them.

Pastor Dave reviews the 17 scandals God told him that would be exposed and he gives us updates on each one!

We then go backstage with Dave for Q&A where he gives us more details on the spiritual attacks on Dave, His Glory, Amanda, Julie Green and Clay Clark.  Lois has a vision for Pastor Dave and we lift him up to the Lord. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage




Prophetic word

Sep 26, 2022 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by Rick – IT’S NOW TIME FOR THE PLAGUES OF EGYPT TO BE SEEN


*** When your feet walk, when you talk, when you confess my word, the demons will flee away from your presence as far as they can and as wide as they can to get away from you, but it will not stop them from being pierced by the sword of the spirit. Put my words in your mouth, speak my words clearly. Speak my words boldly. There is life in your words. There is healing in your words. There’s blessing in your words. There is wealth in your words. There’s freedom in your words. So speak the words I say today. There is no more time to play. This is a time for me to walk on this earth and manifest myself in ways that I have not done before. This is a time of great revival. This is time of great reversals. This is a time of great manifestations. No longer have one foot in and one foot out of this world. Jump as high as you can into my presence with me. We will walk and talk together as you walk and talk with each other. You will know what I’m going to say because the spirit on the inside of you knows what I am about to say. ##

*** I will prepare each and every one of your hearts for the assignments you will have next. They’ll be mighty great assignments. Do not hesitate and do not be overwhelmed with how big they are going to be or how much I have for thee, because I will give you supernatural strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I will give supernatural unto you’re natural. Yes, you will sleep less, but you won’t have to sleep as much because my glory will manifest itself in you daily. And just like Moses, as he walked down from the mountain, when he spent time with me, he had a glow because he had been with me and that glow will be seen on me. The glow of my glory that not all men have experienced, but you are my special remnant that I have put on this earth for now. You’ll experience even more than Moses did because you are part of the latter reign. So get ready my children, because I will pour out my abundance and overflow. You have no idea how massive or how mass in quantity I will reign on each and every one of you that I can trust, for those that can trust with these things. ##

*** You think those people who are rich live lavishly? Oh no, you have not seen anything yet, for when I lavish upon my people, my children, it’ll be like which the world has never seen. You will live with so much prosperity, you will not know what to do with it all. I will tell you where to sow. I will tell you what to do. But there will be no limits to your giving. There’ll be no limits to you with blessing. I am going to bless through you in ways you never thought were humanly possible. I’m gonna give you things in this wealth transfer that you never thought you could ever have. You are going to say, Lord, I didn’t even ask you for these things, and I am going to say you didn’t have to because I’m showering my love upon you in ways not known to man, because this is a day and this is the hour where I am reigning upon this earth like never before.

*** This is a time when my church needs to arise. This is a time when my people need to arise in their authority because in that authority you will see me manifest. You will see eyes that will be able to finally see. You will see tumors fall off. You will see them dissolve. You will see limbs grow out. Oh yes, many at one time, multiplication at one time. There is going to be so many, especially in foreign nations, they will not be able to count the number of things that will happen in the midst of them because their hunger for me. So do not limit me with your worldly talk. Do not limit me with your worldly walk. Do not limit me with your worldly thinking and do not limit me because there is no limits with me. So be prepared for the overflow and overflow which has never been seen. Be prepared and be prepared with me. Expect to see me visit you at night. Get your hearts ready for me before you go to sleep. I will show you my mighty works and wonders. Most of all. I will show you how much I love you. I will shower upon you when you are asleep. I will shower upon you when you are awake. I will give you more than you ever wanted because I am the God of overflow. I am the God of more than enough. I am the God of multiplication and I am the God that’s going to prove it. ##

*** You will see me avenge you. You will see great death upon this earth. Many people will start dying. Many people will drop dead on live TV. Many leaders and heads of states are about to die because they have refused to repent and they refused to turn aside. They refused me, so you will see the angel of death. It is now time for the plagues of Egypt to be seen. It will not just be in one nation or one country. No, you will see these plagues worldwide. You will see it and know that I am here and know that I am manifesting myself. Also, I am not only judging, but I am also restoring. This is what I have for you today. So receive these words, just receive me because no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, I am here, whether you realize it or not. Just now include me. Include me in your decisions. Include me in your walks. Include me in your jobs. Include me even in the smallest decision, whether it would be with your socks or whether it would be with your furniture. I want to be part of your life, sayeth the Lord your redeemer. ##

Part II

*** No more complaining. Call every single ungodly ruler down. Whenever you hear of “the Biden” and whenever you see him command his mouth to shut, command his words, when he is allowed to speak, to speak truth accidentally. He will give himself away more in this time because he is being unmasked before the world. Oh, the real one has died. Yes, the real one has died. It was no accident, and there is proof of who did it. I have it. The world will know not only about the big lie, but they will also know about every corrupt scheme. You will watch this Biden will also die and soon you will see why. ##

*** To every single ungodly ruler, everyone that has been against me, everyone in your states, everyone in your government in Washington DC there is a storm coming. There is a storm coming and you will see destructive and violent storm against your capital. They were about to do something in this nation that would have made COVID in 2020 look like a walk in the park. This is why, children of Almighty God, get up with me. Get up and use your authority. I am walking across this land and soon and very soon my church will hear me roar. That roar will scatter your enemy and flatten them out. So that’s is why I said, my children, I am telling you right now, there is no more time. There is no more time. This is a time of removals. This is a time of reversals. This is a time where I am going to shake this world up to a shaking point where it will bring fear to so many, but faith to so many more. ##

*** I spoke all these words. I have warned with these words. All my children who would dare to listen, I spoke these words, but to the ones who listen and the ones who hold onto them, oh, I will bless. So just watch the exposure of “the Biden,” the exposure of Obama, the exposures of the Clintons, the exposures of all those rulers. And yes, they are Luciferians. And yes, they have been doing so many things to little children that I will also expose. The blood of those children has been crying out to me for justice. And now you will see the justice will be served by me. So hold on. So hold on. You are protected. But hold on because this shaking will be great. This shaking will shake this earth because this shaking is going to tear down, destroy, break every chain. So yes, as that song said; I gave you my son, so start every day in the morning shaking those shackles off because you will see how much easier things are in your life. Every day life will be different. It’ll be so much easier. No more hard times and no more hardships, no more being oppressed and no more being depressed. This is now the time to live. ##

*** You will hear a thunderous applause. Yes, you’ll hear a thunder applause. You’ll hear me speak when others will hear thunder. So watch and wait, Be awake why everything quakes, because this is a time of celebration. So get it all ready and be prepared. Be prepared and have fun. I want you to have fun because I am fun. This is why in what I’m about to do, you will say, is like a dream. ##