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Elections Overturning! 2022, 2020, Brazil and More. B2T Show Nov 22, 2022

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Things are heating up in Arizona and Brazil as citizens awaken to massive voter fraud.

The word from Julie Green delivered this morning clearly states that not just the 2022 election will be overturned but also 2020 and that Trump will return.

Earlier words discussed Brazil’s election to be overturned.

An analysis of Q’s latest drop (4963) and a decode from Praying Medic shows Runbeck had a patten to change images that were scanned.

In addition, we see the term “Ascension” at the end of the drop likely referring to an Island used for the Space Force where top secret equipment is used to capture data.

Analysis shows that only 17% of Democrats voted on election day in Arizona, but somehow, over 50% of the votes on Election Day in Maricopa County were for Democrats.  The Gateway Pundit clearly showed that is impossible.  Also, massive voters seemed to vote for all republicans and then for Katie Hobbs.  The data makes no sense and points to massive voter manipulation.

The Arizona Attorney General’s office has ordered Maricopa County officials to submit a report to its botched handling of the election.  Is this a Deep State coverup or a white hat exposure exercise?

Rick also reads an Amanda Grace prophetic word that looks very consistent with Julie Green’s recent words on many items.

Rick reviews other news about the culture war and the America Last administration before moving to a Bible Study.

Rick recounts the story of Joseph using a Family Tree of the Abraham to the 12 Tribes and shows the territory the tribes eventually conquered and took over 400+ years later.

We study Chapter 48 and review how important the number 12 is to God and how the story of Joseph points to Jesus!

Afterwards, we go backstage to pray for the children (Project Children Rescue) as well as the soldiers and against the media of the nations.  We then blow our shofars to call in the Lion of Judah and Angels of all Rankings and Divisions!  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:


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