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Election Update. Word from the Lord, Amanda. Bible Study Mark 3. B2T Show Nov 1, 2020 (IS)

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Don’t miss this prophetic Word from the Lord from Amanda Grace! Powerful!

We start this episode digging into an interactive electoral map that you can use as well. We review Trumps rally schedule and look into a pollster that was far more accurate in 2016 because they consider the Trump “shy vote.”

The Word from the Lord gives us insight to the result of the election, the judgement coming on different US States and Leaders and on corrupt leaders world-wide in 2021.

We end showing you how you can use a Bible Memory Verse program on your phone or computer!


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Saturday, October 31, 2020. 3:30am

The Word from the Lord on October 31st, 2020 (The Lord Will Have His Say!!!)

Praise be to the Lord God Adonai Maker of Heaven and Earth, Wonderful counselor, Mighty God everlasting Father, Prince of peace. And to your Kingdom there is no End…

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day…

Let God Arise, Let God ARISE and let HIS enemies be scattered! For I the Lord Thy God am the GREAT I AM. You serve a mighty God My Children. There is no evil that could arise and challenge My throne and My rule and be victorious, there is no rebellion that could be led that could overthrow Almighty God.   And though evil attempt to swell, attempts, conjure, attempts to attempt to mobilize and move, I am an ever-present help in times of trouble, a light that PIERCES the darkness,  that destroys the plans of wickedness with Just A WORD, as it goes forth from My throne I watch over My word to perform it My children.

And though evil attempts to manipulate, propitiate, and compel, attempting to force plans forward that are in opposition to My throne, My rule, and My Will, so I the Lord God am going forth in the battle and I am striking the enemies camp, I am striking the enemies camp with disorder, am putting things out of joint, plans out of joint, as the enemy comes to kill and destroy BUT I have come that you may have life and life more abundant.

The enemy and His agents are attempting to steal a power that has not been given to them, attempting to undermine and usurp the plans I almighty God have spoken forth and sent forth into the earth through angels, delivering these sovereign plans as I watch over My word to perform it. The enemy and his agents are attempting a façade, to lie to sway the people using a corrupt bullhorn, a coiling serpent of a bullhorn in an attempt as a cattle call to draw the people in and use them and discard them as refuse, for the enemy and His agents are full of empty promises, failed plans, and words void of any true power that comes forth from My throne.

They are simply shells, hollow shells, those at the helm, that the enemy is using to speak empty words and promises full of deceit to the people. The Lord has anointed the leader for the next 4 years, I the Lord plan far ahead, the enemy does not know, nor will He ever, the full plans of God, the depths that comes forth from My throne. I the Lord am making a statement, I am making a statement, there shall be gasps, there shall be amazement as the election goes forth, for I am doing a work and a wonder for when I the Lord do a work it is miraculous, filled with power and Glory and precise from My throne. Their plans to usurp shall greatly and publicly fail says the Lord, not only in the United States but in Israel and England, the plans of that unclean rat that is Chinese leadership shall fail for no man can challenge Almighty God and succeed, no man can challenge Almighty God and walk away unscathed and I the Lord say I am issuing judgments from My throne that are going to rock and shake entire countries that is going to gut the leadership and expose the plans of a trifecta between political parties, corrupt governments, and blasphemous witches and darkness that think coming together in a triangular formation will allow them through darkness to take power and prestige. However, I the Lord say the illusion is disintegrating before the people, the hologram, the mirage that was placed before the American people in deception is disintegrating before their very eyes and denial will be harder and harder to dwell in as the façade comes crashing to the ground and the veil is pulled back and all the filth, the refuse, the gall, the darkness underneath is now revealed, how it was never going to be fair and they were going to ATTEMPT (KEY WORD), to steal an election, to steal power all to then gut a country that I have established to be a friend to Israel, a light and help to the world, and a proponent of the gospel as more and more it goes forth into ALL the earth.

I the Lord say and decree this day that darkness SHALL NOT PREVAIL, there shall be a price a heavy price for their plots, their spells, their conjurings, their manipulations, their deviations, and I the Lord say the miraculous shall occur before the American people, you will see commentators stunned, you will see those who plotted speechless as all their attempts to steal and change votes fail because they shall not meet a standard by the name of RUACH ELOHIM THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING ONE TRUE MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL GOD! The earth is my footstool says the Lord and I the Lord appoint whom I please, I anoint whom I please, and I raise up whom I please and this shall be VERY CLEAR right now as you see the incredible unfold because you serve an awesome God My children, you serve an awesome God who rules and reigns forevermore. I am your Father and Creator and I have heard the cries as they get louder rising up from the United States and they have come before My throne, the cries of the righteous have gotten louder and the wayward sheep are coming back to their shepherd.

There is a fox in the henhouse, there is a fox in the henhouse, and this fox is marked and shall be exposed for what they are, preying on what is innocent attempting to steal and fatten themselves off of what was not theirs to take.

And I the Lord am judging leadership in states that think they can wave Almighty God off. In 2021 Mr. Cuomo indeed will be issued a heavy blow for the indignant, smug, defiant, rebellious position he has taken against the Holy pleasing acceptable things of Almighty God, Gavin Newsom is putting a noose around his own neck as his chance to repent is quickly drawing to a close as he has allowed portals of hell to open in that state and filth worse than Sodom and Gomorrah has been poured out the sulfuric stench of those fires is a testament to the sinful stench of the enemy being poured out by such wicked men and henchmen. There are those crying out in California and I the Lord shall answer as a VERY SUDDEN chain of events takes place in California in 2021. I am gutting the corruption in Chicago open and unlikely operatives will be exposed and the reasons for such violence and corruption will come forth as I the Lord see the blood of the innocent the enemy and those who serve him are spilling to stay in power and former leaders, political arena, the satanic drug arena, the gambling arena, and bubbling brothels, for I the Lord see the cup of filth that has been poured out and you shall see that  blood they have spilled come back upon leadership who has chosen to continue in such wicked plans devised by a fallen host and unclean territorial spirits says the Lord of Hosts this day.

My Children shall rise up, they shall rise up and be prospered and honored for Glorifying Me Almighty God before Men, continue to seek your father in heaven, cry out to Him and speak boldy in faith right now as you will see events unfold that will leave you in Awe, for every move has been calculated and in 2021 the enemy must give you back double for everything He took and stole unlawfully and violently, up to 7 times over says the Lord Thy God this day! There is quite an account the enemy must settle in 2021 for His premature advance was miscalculated as he is blinded By his own pride and rebellion and those who worship him who are attempting to gather there shall be a standard I the Lord have raised that will cause such a shaking in their camp, it will rumble and cause fear and a scattering as their conjuring’s turn to condemnation upon their  own heads for even attempting to come into agreement with demons and devils says the Lord God Adonai, the righteous Judge this day. I shall blow My trumpet now says the Lord, as Gideon, as Joshua, blow the shofar to the heavens for the walls are falling flat, the walls of deception built are falling flat and their  defense is crumbling as the gavel of law and order shall be dropped upon the puppets, the masters, and the operatives that so chose the broad path and now shall receive their wage for their sin says the Lord of Hosts this day.

The dictator is falling before their puppet, their shell, ever comes to power says the Lord, that Spirit has been judged and being sent back to the abyss from which it attempted to arise. DO NOT lose faith DO NOT lose Hope for I the Lord am in the Midst and ever-present help in times of trouble and I the Lord shall usher in My spirit in ways pouring it out upon those in the United States who stood for truth, who were a mouthpiece for Almighty God, who stayed the course, the faithful servants who continued to lead those through what seemed like a desert, there is an oasis says the Lord you are watching it form, and those springs of the living water, for My word shall become guizers and full those overflowing with new hope, new life, and deliverance for I the Lord God am breaking the chains, dissipating the darkness, setting the captives free and removing the ball and chains that have attempted to bind up My children and oppress those whose souls are being battled for says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Watch the towers in this country, watch what they call “sin city” for I am dealing with concentrated areas of sin says the Lord. The bubbling cauldron even in England shall and will be dealt with as the people are under a blanket of oppression that I shall tear in 2021 for the sake of souls and the gospel says the Lord God the righteous Judge.

There will be a fracturing of leadership in China and a public fatal financial blow to the red dragon, for the axe is being taken to the roots and severing major funnels, veins, and networks where those being paid under the table in the US will lose all funding from a wicked dragon intent on seducing rats to borough. The extermination has begun, it has begun, the rats are being brought out of their holes into the light, even in the Whitehouse says the Lord! Defectors from the Chinese government shall incriminate even more as the cries of Treason get louder and louder, for I am tying the hands of the leadership of communist China, and China shall be the first in a set of dominos that involves Iran and their leadership shall crack and split as a crippling blow shall occur in 2021, for what has begun in 2020 shall be continued to its completion in 2021, another country shall arise in 2021 attempting to usurp the United States, however, they shall be caught through sloppy mistakes and their interests and advances put down and destroyed says the Lord. There shall be a major change in Canada, the people are restless and I the Lord have seen the souls for sale and I the Lord am intervening. You shall see oppression and mandates lift as one more furious attempt to keep the people muzzled will fail and be struck down, and there shall be freedom as even viruses will change course says the Lord God Adonai this day.

Shout Oh Zion, Shout Children of the Living God for Victory is ahead, however brace yourselves for who is exposed in 2021, a major player in the republican party as well shall have a whirlwind of a scandal in 2021 and ties shall be discovered to be true blue, the imposters are being found out, the imposters are being found out, and My pulpits as well shall be cleansed from the filth placed upon them by corrupt shepherds and false coverts says the Lord God the True Shepperd and Righteous Judge this day.  Hold fast to your Faith, stay rooted, utilize the name of Jesus My Children, Yeshua, for there is no other name under Heaven that is Greater. Sing unto the Lord a new song, sing unto the Lord all the earth as My sovereign rule shall go forth and praises shall rise up.

Know My return is drawing near, occupy, and go forth mightily as the Spirit of the one true living God dwells within you. Thus, sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the name of Yeshua, Jesus, whose Kingdom and power there is no end…AMEN!

Bible Memory Verse

John 15:13 

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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