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Election Fraud Update from Oltmann. Roe v. Wade Bill Fails! B2T Show May 11, 2022

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Joe Oltmann comes on to give us an update on Election Fraud including the Dominion machines and the new movie, 2000 Mules.

We start this episode with the clear picture of bank manipulation of Silver and Gold based on prophetic words and evidence on the Biden economy.

The Demon-crats tried to push a bill through the Senate trying to put legislation to demand a Roe v. Wade type demands on the States.

The bill falls way short as they are fighting against the Lord.

We look at many scriptures to confirm God’s view on abortion and child sacrifice.

God “hates” the shedding of innocent blood. However, he also offers forgiveness of ALL transgressions.

We review and ask for people to accept the Lord and gain his forgiveness.

Joe Oltmann discusses the 2000 Mules movie and how Newsmax and Fox are censoring the movie. Not letting people discuss the movie.

Joe’s charity is sponsoring the movie in many locations in Colorado and throughout the nation to show the detailed evidence of voter fraud.

We also learn how Joe continues to fight the Cabal from multiple angles including lawsuits form Eric Coomer and a new lawsuit from the Smear Mockingbird Media.

Backstage we get more time with Joe and learn more about the attacks against him and his family and how he is at peace with God. He gives us advice on how to fight and we pray for him and his producer Apollo. Join Backstage here to see recording and get more personal insight from our Patriot Guests:


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