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Durham Filings: Clinton Campaign Under Investigation! Amanda Prophesy. B2T Show Dec 20, 2021

B2T Show 

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

New insights show a clear focus of Durham on the Clinton Foundation!  This includes many people and firms directly linked to the Clinton Foundation.

Biden turns the dark winter from last year into death and destruction for the unvaccinated.

None of this is backed by science as the NBA, NFL and NHL are nearly 98% vaccinated but they are testing positive showing that the vaccines cannot end COVID.  But they don’t want to look at this obvious “science”.

However, Rick warns of much death and health destruction of people who got the vaccine and will need Christ as they are emotionally and physically damaged.

Rick announces the free B2T Nieghborhood platform that will hold small groups to help the hurting.  He also announced his free training that will be conducted on January 4th at 5pm CST for these groups.

Rick reads a long Amanda Grace prophesy that warns us to stay close to the Lord and spend more time coming to Him vs. intel reports and potential misinformation.

At the end of the show, we sing with Kent Henry and praise the Lord before we go backstage for PraiseNPrayer for a full hour.  Join Backstage here:

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