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The B2T Show

“Dominion, We Have the Machines” Absolute Cover-Up. B2T Show May 8, 2021 (IS)

B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Mike Lindell warns Dominion: “We have the Machines!” He also is coming up with another video about “Absolute Cover-Up”!

Election fraud is real and the Smartmatic 200+ lawsuits to cover up the truth is unraveling. The Lord will in time reveal this massive fraud to the masses. The evidence is there, but the Cabal is doing everything to hide it from “we the people.” Enjoy the process of seeing the Lord act!

We also explorer how the Cabal is doing everything to create fear. Fear of the virus. Fear of getting close to people. Fear of those not vaccinated. They want everyone to take their vaccine that they mean for God.

However, God is about to reverse their evil to wake up the masses and show his great power as he transforms millions/billions to come to him.

We review a Mark Taylor prophesy about how the Lord will be using America as a launching point to his great harvest out to the world!

We end with a scripture on God commanding us not to have fear and how he will be with us wherever we go!

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