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Deep State Fears Amy – Covington Cover Set-Up – B2T Show Jan 24

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Nancy’s Signature?? 

SerialBrain2 Decode: Trump’s Secret Message to Nancy.

Don’t be Fooled … Covington is about Christians … There will be many more attacks on Christianity before they admit Ginsberg is dead.

To anyone who feels like “nothing is happening” look: Look at the fact that we are having a 2nd American revolution in congress right now. This is a global political economic war of epic proportions.

POTUS Has the Authority to Call a Special Session of Congress and Deliver the State of the Union-Call Nancy’s Bluff?

FED BOMBSHELL: Fusion GPS Bribed Dozens of MSM Journalists With Cash, While News Companies Paid Firm to Dig Dirt on Trump


True Pundit: FBI Officials are using Weiner’s Laptop Evidence to avoid Prison

Bill introduced to Withdraw US from United Nations/Close UN building in US/Revoke Diplomatic Immunity


EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Evidence Shows Kamala Harris Covered Up Illegal Wiretaps

We really are winning… so weird. My family is actually talking to me again


A fucking huge thing happened today, and you guys missed it completely:)


Atty. Robert Barnes on FOX and Friends: We’re Giving Major Media, Celebrities 48 Hours to Retract and Apologize to Covington Kids or Face Lawsuit (VIDEO)


U.S. CONGRESSMAN: Phones Are “Ringing Off The Hook”…”OVERWHELMING Majority” Are Telling Congress #BuildTheWall…NOW!

REPORT: White House Preparing Draft National Emergency Order to Include $7 Billion For Border Wall

Major Internet disruptions in Venezuela amid protests

BREAKING: Lawyer Representing Covington Kids Receives Bomb Threat After Giving Celebs and Journalists 48 Hour Notice to Retract or Face Lawsuits


So let me get this straight. 3 separate media giants all of a sudden, on the same day, fire 15% of their workforce. Almost like they are somehow magically connected. (Deep State Funds)




Cherokee George

Jan 22, 2019

Here is an amazing vision,. It was just like watching TV.. At the SOTU, all are assembled and seated. We are watching from an upper 3/4 view. President Trump and Vice President Pence as well as the Speaker are seated. (About the Speaker later). After all are seated, suddenly appears out of the entrance doors are black uniformed US Marshals. They are all armed with only handguns, also each has at least one pair of handcuffs. They totally encircle the entire room. All goes silent, when the President takes his notes, straightens them….then sets them aside. He then says, ‘Gentlemen, do your duty!’ Each Marshal goes to their assigned member. Each were saying, ‘Senator or Congressman…you are under arrest, please place your hands behind your back. They give no resistance. It is as silent as a tomb. Trump is stoic and speechless. I then saw a close-up of a Marshal approach a 4 star Army General. This General was very large with every medal and service ribbons imaginable. The Marshal said the same command. “General you are under arrest, please place your hands behind your back.’ He does, no resistance. Then like the camera, we were facing the President, Vice President and Speaker. A Marshal….this hurt….the Vice President….NOT the Speaker….and also said, “Mr. Vice President, you are under arrest, please place your hands behind your back.” He does, no resistance. Now…about the Speaker….The Speaker was NOT Pelosi….NOT….she was nowhere to be found. President Trump turns to Congressman Paul Ryan and says, ‘Mr. Ryan, please take the Speaker chair, please.” He does. Why Ryan?, I don’t know. But, the House was now in the Republican majority. The upper chamber where the public is amassed are leaning over the railing absolutely stunned, but no one objects. The floor had lost at least 1/3…AT LEAST….1/3 of its assembled. After the vision left, I sat there for at least 15 minutes. ‘Lord is this true?’ What do you think?

3 Elevators

Here is another.  The 3 Elevators Dream.  I was standing next to Pres. Trump on the top floor of a very high building.  This building was a beautiful old 1930’s / 1940s style décor.  Marble, stone, gorgeous.  Similar to a building that was in Omaha called the ‘Medical Arts’ building.  We were facing an elevator with the doors closed.  The first was your typical looking more modern elevator, steel doors, not overly wide, etc. The doors opened, usual paneled interior.  Pres. Trump walked into this elevator… stood there with one hand covering the other….. then, walked out and faced the elevator again.  The doors closed and the elevator then ‘shook’ and ‘collapsed!’  A long way down.  We never heard the crash.  The second elevator was the same as the first, typical.  The doors opened, he walked in, turned around, but this time he moved a little faster out the doors, with a ¾ turn.  The doors shut, and this elevator also ‘shook’ and ‘collapsed!’  Again no crash heard.  Then we came the third elevator….this one was NOT like the other two.  This elevator was about 10x the size of the other two…and was made of clear glass, like a huge aquarium!  It was ornate around the bottom (like those old early 1900’s ones you see in movies, say Paris.)  The doors were wide open and in the middle of this strange elevator was about 10 to 20 people.  The outer edge of these people were in a large circle facing Pres. Trump, myself and all around.  They were pointing outward in a complete 360 degree circle.  Why pointing all around when it was just the President and myself on one side???  You’ll see.  Their outfits were just like ‘power-suited’ professional, men and women. Everything they wore was expensive.  They were pointing and laughing….LAUGHING LOUDLY….at the President.  BUT, their laugh was nervous, fearful and they were shaking.  Pres. Trump and I began to yell at these people in this odd elevator…’GET OUT, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!’  But they laughed and laughed.   They would never listen.   Then…..the doors closed….and the elevator jumped hard, angled a bit to the right where it was scraping the walls.….and began to descend scraping as it went down into the darkness.

I awoke and was told what the dream meant.  “The first two elevators would be attempts on Pres. Trump’s life.  These would end in failure, miserable failure.”  “The glass elevator contained members of the MSM in their expensive clothing.”  “Why pointing in all directions?  Did you notice the other side of the elevator?   There was a horseshoe shaped balcony around the elevator.  On that balcony were countless thousands of people…these people represent the ‘world watching’ what we are doing.  They were trying to laugh at deceive the rest of the world as well, that is why the MSM was pointing at them.  The sliding into darkness….they will be brought down.   Wow!




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