Deep State Fail! MAGA Still Continues. B2T Show Oct 27

Show Notes:

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Prophetic Warning of Political Attacks  

If he were MAGA Pro Trump, WHY would he send fake bombs NOW, before the election?

Fake Pipe Bomb hoaxer Arrested 

Bomber Registered as Republican, CAN’T, Florida Law, He Is A Two Time Felon

Geraldo Rivera on Fox just said bombs are a hoax for a political agenda

Bomberman caught in Broward County, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district. 20 min from Parkland. Sheriff Israel.

Internet is Scrubbing Bomber Suspect’s Info

The Bombers Van I find this to be very interesting. The stickers are not really “stickers” they are large print stickers that were put together with some photo editor program “photoshop etc.

This guys fucking twitter account looks like an AI wrote it. Direct & Archive links in comments

Dig, dig, dig, Anons! Cesar Sayok, Adventura, FL

Of Course – Somebody Took Close Up Pictures of the Van 

Anyone else find it strange that a van covered with Trump stickers could go around unmolested?

Mexican Trucking Company, With U.S. License, Identified Moving Central American Caravan…

Caravan and Work – Wall? 


The Open Border Activists Behind the Illegal Immigrant Caravans

Minors Rescued from Human Smugglers in Caravan 

Watch the Water 

Q saved my soul. I was in despair. Going down a bad path the left had paved. God intervened with Q

James Woods Thoughts on Trump

If you are absentee voting – SEND IT IN VIA CERTIFIED MAIL. Spend a few bucks to ensure a postal worker does not throw away your vote!

Sen. Grassley Refers Michael Avenatti to DOJ for ‘Criminal Investigation’

DOJ Trying to Avoid Declass via Law Suites  

You all realize this is WW3.

Florida Sheriffs Demand Andrew Gillum Withdraw Anti-Cop Pledge 

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  • Trish from Canada

    May God bless you and your ministry here, Rick. (From Canada). The USA are our neighbors and friends, and there are MANY who support Trump in Canada. We, in Ontario, completely voted out the liberals. They no longer have a seat in parliament from Ontario. Next on the agenda in 2019, Justin Trudeau and his liberal thugs get voted out. As we pray.

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