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CodeMonkey: Today the Tide Turns! Dominion Whistleblower. B2T Show Aug 2 2021 (IS)

B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

CodeMonkey reveals the Dominion whistleblower who has had the Supervisor password to the systems all along! He says today is the day the “Tides turn!”

CodeMonkey details out how important this whistleblower is and how they are a hero.

The whistleblower risked everything, but they have waited until the Subpoena deadline expired to reveal the fact that we already have everything. Now the passwords can be given to finish the audit despite the Deep State defying the subpoena.

We also discover that Trump amended his class action lawsuit to include over 65,000 others who have been censored. Rick looks back at 3 Q drops that discusses class action lawsuits being effective!

We also see Bill and Malina Gates divorce is final, and Rick reviews a Kim Clement 2007 prophesy about the wealth of Bill Gates being used for the church!

We end with a Bible Memory verse that shows how serious Paul thought the true gospel was to the point that he says God’s curse should be on anyone, even an angel in heaven, who preached a different gospel.

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Why Does Fox News REFUSE To Air This Generic Commercial From Mike Lindell?

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