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CNN’s Perfect Match: Wallace. God’s Days of Vengeance Prophesy. B2T Show Dec 13, 2021

B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Chris Wallace shows his true home by taking a position with the failing CNN and leaving FAUX news.

More news clearly showing the lack of soul or at least lack of morals at CNN and the perils of the Cuomos.

We see changes in the weather patterns that the Cabal wants you to think is Global Warming, but is instead the hand of the Lord showing he is control.

Rick reads a Julie Green prophesy about “My Days of Vengeance where God calls out the media and Hollywood.

We see Facebook admit that Fact Checkers are really Opinion Checkers which opens them up to also admitting they are a publisher.

Rick reviews other key headlines around the America Last movie.

Kent Henry comes on and signs an impromptu song about the Bible verse Rick teaches on before we cross over for an hour of PraiseNPray Backstage.  This is Backstage every Monday and Thursday.  You can join Backstage here:

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