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Chief Justice Thomas? New Q. Dr. Sherwood LIVE! B2T Show Jun 29, 2022

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Another prophetic word points toward a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  Past words from Julie Green also shows Clearance Thomas will replace Roberts.

We also see Stephen Breyer will be replaced by Ketani Jackson next session, but Rick believes she will be removed once the fraudulent election is exposed.

We review a new Q drop about Cassidy Hutchinson and the lies that were quickly exposed.

Several Secret Service agents quickly claimed Cassidy’s accusations were incorrect, including the agent she said she go the heresy from.

Julie’s prophesy also calls out religious leaders and God tells his children to take authority in Jesus’s name!

Dr. Sherwood comes on and discusses his campaign for Governor, the lessons learned and how the MSM was calling winners with only 5% of the vote in.

We also learn about his ministry that brought him to every continent but Antarctica and his love for sharing the Gospel after doing human strength feats!

Mark also talks about their health programs that have helped thousands.

Afterwards, we go backstage for Q&A and to pray for Dr. Sherwood.  He gives advice on inflammation, gluten and many other ailments and he gives us his optimistic POV on saving the country! You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage




Prophetic Words


*** For I the Lord this day, I’m telling my children to shut the mouth of the liars and the control they have over you. You can do this with my authority and the words I have given to you. See yourself the way I see you as warriors in Christ Jesus. See yourself strong. See yourselves healed. See yourselves above your circumstances. See yourselves free. See yourselves over your enemies and not underneath of them. Their power over you is a lie. Their power is nothing and so are there places of power that they sit in. Soon you will see me rip them from their high places they have sat in thinking they were above you and nothing was going to change that fact. My children, what your enemies don’t know is my plan and my will is about to be seen by the world and so are there removals. Great upsets will occur in many countries, great shakeups politically and financially. more secrets will no longer be hidden. A great rattling has begun in the nations around the world. I am shaking them to remove what doesn’t belong to them. Soon, my children, the world will look very different than it does right now. ##

***Obstruction. This word will be used a lot in the news soon, for it will be shown how evil, nasty manipulative deceitful the fraudulent government of the United States really is and what they have done not only against this nation of the United States, but all the damage they have purposely caused to usher in their New World Order. But it’s not their will or their plan or their vision that will rule in this earth. No, my will is being done and will blow all their plans to smithereens, you would say. Great explosions are about to be set off naturally and spiritually as well sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Hargrove, this name will be in your news.

***Callous. This word will be in your news to describe many in this fraudulent government. Their next moves will give themselves away even more. How cold and calculated they really are. Pride comes before a fall and their fall will be great sayeth the Lord. ##

***To those religious leaders who have led my children astray, repent now, or judgment will hit your houses. Many shakeups will occur in my churches. Many leaders of congregations are not who they appear to be. Many of my churches are full of slanderers, drunkards, fornicators, liars, deceivers, manipulators. No longer will I put up with this going on in my body. No, my children get right before me so I can fill your churches, fill your homes and fill your lives with more of my glory in this time sayeth the Lord. ##

*** My children stop acting like the rest of the world so I can separate you, so you are known as my children and the world will look to you in a different way, the way I have always wanted the world to see a child of the most high God, filled with power , annointing, love, compassion, kindness, meekness, yes. You should stand out of a crowd and your light should be bright in the midst of all this darkness sayeth the Lord. ##

Shakings will happen everywhere. A major company is going to have a major shakeup. This will be in a headline. Truth is coming out to destroy the lies no one thought would ever come out and be heard by the world sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Oh, United States get ready. Something big is about to shake your nation to its core, to break the old and usher in the new. It’s my time to show who I really am, and it’s time to show the what nations are mine and which ones I have truly blessed and nothing will stop that sayeth the Lord.

Ashley Tisdale will be in your news.

Aerobatic. This word will be in your news to describe something unusual. It may appear like.

*** Watch your Supreme court, oh, United States. A shaking has begun that will shake your freedoms loose from the chokehold that held them down. Look, many changes will occur and other another person will no longer stay in their seat on the court. Yes. Another one will be removed, sayeth the Lord. A change and who is in charge will take place as well on the court that will shake things to another level. ##

***Instagram will be in your news. The social media platform is not how he appears to be. ##

Aeromonas. This word will be in your news. Strange and unusual things are taking place, but are not by chance. It was done by someone’s choice. I am revealing it all sayeth the Lord.

***A country will come forward and reveal who side they’re actually on, and it will surprise you. Information no one knew they had, they will show the world proof of what is going on in the United States. No one knew or could have dreamed up what dominoes will fall after this takes place and how fast all will fall. ##

***Hold on, my children, impact is about to be felt to a level no one could have dreamed how massive it will all be and how fast everything could change. It’s right around the corner, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer.##



Bible Teaching

Mark 11:24

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received[a] it, and it will be yours.

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