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Cabal to Surrender to Trump! “The Biden” Removal. B2T Show Nov 16, 2022

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The Cabal is in serious trouble.  God has infiltrated the infiltrators and the secret societies are panicking.  Obama is turning to the God of Molech and all is being exposed.

Soon they will have to surrender to God’s chosen leader for this time.  Trump is obeying the Lord in executing the Lord’s plan and when the Lord’s hand moves, they will surrender with deals or be eliminated.

Now is the time for judgement!  Drip, drip, flood is about to hit as explosive information is released.

Will it be this year? Who knows.  Only God knows the timing.  But it will be the Great Exodus!

“The Biden” is being exposed daily as a puppet that nobody can defend any longer.  The media looks like fools by not reporting on the mental decline.

The actor playing Biden will be exposed soon and the house of cards will fall.  But not until we wake up more people!

Digital soldiers, keep up the battle and the entire 2022 and 2020 election fraud will be fully known.

We see momentum in Arizona for huge protest about to hit them if they don’t institute another election.

Rick covers the Propaganda Exposed 9-part series that is airing now.

He covers news about Brandonmics and the ending of the Cabal Corporations and the Babylonian financial system.

After covering news and Julie Green’s prophetic word for the day, he teaches from Genesis 45.

This Bible Chapter is rich with parallels to today as well as the story of Joseph pointing to Jesus our savior!

We then go backstage where Rick reviews upgrades to the B2T Neighborhood and Gus teaches from the Bible and prayer is lifted up for each other!  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage


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