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Brandonomics Tax Increase. Clay Clark LIVE. B2T Show Jan 24, 2022

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The fraudulent Biden Administration continues to try to kill the country with every action and policy.

Now they let the Trump tax relief provisions expire and Business taxes increase during a recession.

Rick shows and article where 20% of the companies plan to lay off employees this year and now they get a tax increase.

Other articles show the airline industry predicting poor service in 2023 and the elites continue to attach our healthy food, even trying to blame eggs on blood clotting.

This is why Rick partnered with Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter in where they now have beef with guaranteed no antibiotics or steroids.  It’s time to use our economic war weapon and start buying consumables and beef from an American company we can trust! Visit to join Rick an Scott.

Rick reads key portions of Julie Green’s latest prophetic word where God is calling his people to get in the fight, to understand His word and understand the authority he has given each of us.

Rick looks at “ships” in other prophetic words as many exposures are coming!

The shortages are created and was part of the globalists’ plans for worldwide starvation.

But we are not to fear and glorify Him by fighting with His authority!

Clay Clark and Aaron Antis comes on live and we discuss the Nashville ReAwaken highlights.

Trump will be attending the Miami Reawaken tour scheduled for May 12-13!

In addition, the anti-Davos ReAwaken tour in Vegas will be on Aug 25-26 with most people staying in Trump Tower.

Clay then gives many scriptures he suggests reading that show that the Beast System is coming.

He then shows how MIT worked on the central digital currency and also created the Quantum Dot that is being rolled out.

Clay encourages us to get involved as this is a true spiritual battle.

Rick prays for Clay and Aaron and Rick review the upcoming ReAwaken schedule and lets everyone know they can use the B2T code to get discounts.  Find tickets at

We then go backstage for an awesome time of sharing Praise Reports and praying for critical needs.  We then pray for the key items the Lord has called the Backstage Ministry to take authority over and blow our shofars!

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