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Blue lights on Twitter

FCC announces probe into CenturyLink outage disrupting 911 lines
Ask Yourself…

STUNNING TEST RESULTS Reveal How MULTIPLE Email Providers Helped To Fix Midterm Elections For Democrats 

President Trump, please close our border until the wall is funded and completely built.

Report: Facebook Insider Leaks 1,400 Pages of Guidelines for ‘Political Speech’

An HONEST Congress could pay for the wall in a few weeks, and save $200 BILLION in 2019, and every year, thereafter.

Angela Merkel: Nation States Must “Give Up Sovereignty” To New World Order

SPOTTED: Pelosi Relaxes During Gov’t Shutdown at Expensive Hawaii Resort

@realDonaldTrump @RepMaxineWaters @RepMaxineWaters with her husband attending Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade December 26, 2018 in the Bahamas. She could not escape @realDonaldTrump who was at the parade in spirit. Watching a costume in the likeness of @realDonaldTrump

Latino support for GOP steady despite Trump immigration talk

Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments


10-11-2 Another prophet named Hank Kunneman    

Romans 12:2 (From Rick’s favorite verses on

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Here is the video talking about trump

Here is one of his prophecies from 2010 The Coming Elections in America The elections on November 2, 2010 were a turning point on the political map and future of our nation, especially heading into the 2012 and 2016 elections.

· The Beginning of Reform It marked a beginning of political reform as God overturns seats. Actual Prophecy given on August 22, 2010: God says do not be surprised as the elections begin to take place in the month of November and even in the presidential election that is about to come, for there will be seats overturned, and men who have held on to their position will suddenly be thrown from their seats. I will revive and reform this nation. I am going to begin to place men and women in the places of power that shall turn and restore this nation back to Me!

· A Celebration and a Shaking Actual Prophecy given on October 27, 2010 A shaking, a celebration on Tuesday shall begin a turning from the left to the right and to the middle with many victories for a party of tea. A sweeping shall take place, an overturning of seats and those that held on to them shall lose them. A woman who has held a place shall be removed and those who have been serving for years will swiftly be removed. A shaking will happen from the bottom to the top and watch a toppling take place as a result. This shall cause fear and many to scramble in their party and say, “what must we do now? We have lost our seats, we are losing our voice, and** our agenda is being shaken**.”

· The Election of 2016 Actual Prophecy given on October 27, 2010 Spirit of God says, many in your land shall then say, “Give us a new president.” God says do you understand that by 2016 and thereafter is when an unusual plan will be unveiled over this nation. Lost ground shall be gained back and I will restore says the Lord. A party of tea shall greatly attribute to the events of 2016. You say what about 2012 God says don’t fear light is coming, light is coming, restoration is coming and by 2016 you will see the change, the restoration you have prayed for. Your economy will change, your schools will change, legislation will change and be rewritten, and a call for righteousness and an awakening of the hearts of men unto me and righteousness shall begin to come over your land. One by one, little by little, then suddenly it will burst forth.

· The Tea Party It gains momentum throughout the coming years, unfolding many new faces, and some who shall switch parties to be a part of it. The elections before and even that of 2016 are affected as the Tea Party movement becomes a voice and a political influence affecting elections, including the presidential election in the coming years.

2016 This year you will see my wondrous works! The nations and their leaders will be brought to My feet. I will break and restrain the weapons of man and the kings that hold them. I will cause certain wars to cease and others to wait, not allowing a preempting of that which the enemy desires. I will show the earth and My people that I am the Lord. Do not fear for I am with you, and a host of Heaven is being positioned to bring a heavenly assault that will shift things in favor for you and in the name of the risen Christ, Jesus.

Do not put your confidence in conspiracy theories and things being spoken that bring men to fear. I will lift My voice to speak and my hands to move where they will. I will burn certain weapons of the nations with fire, while I expose others to reveal My goodness.

The earth for a season will be quieted, a restraint enforced where needed, this shall be by My doing. I am lifting My people whose heads have hung low, and I will lift them up and shut them in from troubling, chaotic events that will enfold. It will be as I did with Noah and his family, shutting them in, so I will do with them.

The mountains will be held in their place, while others blow their tops with eruptions that reveal divine interruptions and disruptions. The earth will shake at My whisper and be stilled by My eyes that hold it still.

I will be with My people through the propagating of fear and chaos in the earth, and through the fierce battle that will arise in the political. I will be known and seen through the violent storms, disruptive winds, fires, shakings, eruptions, and the gathering in the streets in protest.

I am lifting My voice to speak and My voice will be heard. The earth that is mine will yield My harvest and it will obey. So will the leaders and rulers of men. I will calm My people and show the earth that I the Lord am in control.

Let it be known that those who decree, speak and look for My goodness will live swimming in My rivers of blessings and increase.

You will not be touched, you will not be moved from your place; I am crowning you with My goodness and shutting you in and lifting you up.


The Lord is working a plan concerning America: — This will include unifying it in an unusual but necessary way.

— Legislation that has been penned by the arrogance of men and defiance of the Lord and His ways will be overturned in time. The Lord has waited and laughed at the foolishness of those who thought that when they signed legislation into being that it was permanent.

Prophecy Spoken on June 22, 2014 – “Did I not say, says the Lord, that I would never leave you nor forsake you? So let it be known, even concerning America, that I will not leave this nation and neither will I allow it to be forsaken. God says I have a plan, for in this time I will give answers to My people. I will whisper in a moment and take away the fear that has been upon men’s hearts, including My children. I will bring sudden and swift answers to prayer to those who have called upon My name. Yet in the bowls of the earth, hell strategizes, plans, and plots and they say, “the Son of God, is He watching? Does the Son of God care? It seems that we can do what we want, we can attack and affect the elements, and we can plot things that will pierce this nation and yet, where is the Son of God?”

Who made the wind? Who made the waters? Who made the sun, the moon, and the stars? He who speaks to the wind and it calms is the One who shall arise, for pride comes before fall, and so it has been that the Son of God has looked now and said enough! I have seen the arrogance of men, nations, and leaders. Now pride shall bring them to a fall.”

America politically: — 240th year of America’s reign! – What does the Lord have planned?

North and South united in America – God will gather one from the south who the Lord has put His hand upon who shall lead and is a voice of reason, reconciliation, restorer, and reformer and will reach out a friend to Israel. And the Lord will take this one and join their hands with one from the North, a compassionate eye, heart and voice to unite America. Bringing from “civil war” to “civil peace” politically and among the cities and states of the Union.

Prophecy Spoken on July 6, 2014 – “The counsel of the Almighty has spoken and declared. For 38 years a man was long enough in his condition, and yet the Son of God came with compassion and said “rise up and take up your bed.” You, America, in this 238th year you’ve been in this condition now, but I say you shall arise. I have looked, as I have said before, to the 240th year of your reign, this season has been marked, this season has been decreed by the counsel of the Almighty. There shall be an eruption, and when this happens, when the mountain loses its top you will see then that this is a natural sign of what is erupting from the Kingdom of God.

You will see in the 240th year of your reign that I have not had silence, but I have had a plan. I’ve waited while men have penned with pride legislations and laws without God. But I’ve waited and I will act. Watch from the South; from the South shall come a voice! My hand shall rest upon them and their voice, and they have been chosen to bring this nation back on course and to bring deliverance.

I will take the North and I will take the South. I will take the compassion of one from the North and I will take the voice of one from the South, and in the days when the North and South fought, this season I will unite the North and I will unite the South and I will do an unusual thing to bring restoration to this land. Can the North and the South be gathered and can they agree? Watch!”

America spiritually: An awakening is beginning to manifest and will continue. While some have declared judgment and others seem to want judgment for America. In the midst of doom and gloom being declared, God is working a plan to awaken America.

Prophecy Spoken July 6, 2014 – “Few in this nation have cried out and said, “God, bring another visitation!” But many have aligned themselves with the spirit of fear and said “it is too late and God has judged this nation”, but the Spirit of the Lord says, listen to the counsel of the Almighty! Do I not have a say? For the prayers of the few, for few are praying for a visitation, their prayers have come up into the ears of the counsel of the Almighty. And so it was in the beginning of time that the counsel of the Almighty gathered together and said “Let Us make man in Our image” and then the Son of God said “Let Us go to the other side” and then a storm arose, influenced by demonic power. So once again the Spirit now says let Us have an awakening in this nation and the elements have responded; responding to God’s Glory. They responded because of the influence of demonic powers. Why? Because they are afraid, for what happened when the Son of God came to the other side? Was not a region set free?

So the winds have raised, the rain has come upon this nation as floods and the wind has been turbulent because the enemy is afraid of what is about to come as deliverance to this nation. For I have told you that pride comes before fall. The Son of God stands to deal with the pride and the arrogance that has been upon many in this nation.

America culturally: — America will be unified!

— God will gather the North and South. What has divided before will unite a standard of those who oppose, revealing there are more for, than against. More for those who want things to change for what is right, than from what is wrong.

— The melting pot of America and the great boiling pot.

— Ferguson, MO – The gateway to the west:

Prophecy Spoken August 24, 2014 – “For out of the protests, out of the sedition, out of the confusion I will raise up a cord of three strands upon this nation. I will give you those who govern in the places of political power. For in the 240th year of your reign, America, there is a plan to bring a reformation to this nation politically. I have a plan even now to gather those who are of My church and come to gather and say they will bring words that do not divide, but words of healing; prayers that break the power of the enemy.

God says the third thing I shall use is that I shall use the young. No longer shall they protest, but they will say “we march as one,” that which is of many colors. For America you have been known as the great melting pot. The enemy has said they will make you the boiling pot and racially divide you. God says it is the voice of those that shall come out of government. The voices of those who will come out of My church and the voices of the young that shall unite together and this will be broken and a unity will come upon this land. What do you see? For God says, when the Prophet Elijah gathered the stones, the fire fell and then there was a sound, and there was a hand, a cloud the size of a man’s hand. Why? Because it was about to rain. The Spirit of God says do not look at the tension, look at the promise. The fire of My presence is coming over this nation. It shall begin to rain upon this nation, and let it be known that an early sign will be given to you America, snow, an early snow for it shall cleanse as David stood and said wash me whiter than snow.”

Syria: Prophecy Spoken September 3, 2014 – “The Spirit of God speaks to Syria, you have touched the children. The Spirit of God says, My patience is no longer, Syria, your restraint. Now a milestone shall be tied around that nation and they shall be jerked and pulled to My will, now, for they have sought to behead. But now, they and that which has risen shall be cut off for what you have done to the children, what you have allowed to rise up in your land it shall be cut off. For God has come to place His hand upon Syria and to place His hand upon Russia. The Spirit of God shall break their bands and bring them to a place now of accountability before the Lord Sabaoth Himself.”

Russia: Russia the Bear continues to come out of hibernation; militarily and politically backing nations that are enemies of Israel and the U.S.A.

What has happened to the breath of Russia?

Humbling of the bear and its leader.

Changes in Russia’s government and leadership will be discussed in the midst of continuing economic challenges. Prophecy Spoken September 3, 2014 – “They will ask what has happened to the Bear, the leader of Russia, the Bear. Has he gone away? What has happened to him, he has no breath. The Spirit of God shall arise for they have been arrogant to stand. The King of nations arises now and shall bring justice and righteousness for the sake of My people and for the sake of the innocent, says the Lord.”

Prophecy Spoken April 9, 2014- “One hand will be upon Russia and the other hand upon Iran. God says they have joined their hands, now the Spirit of God says I will put one hand upon Russia and put one hand upon Iran and I will bring together an exposure of what they are doing and conniving and planning in secret.”

Russia and China: Russia and China will seem for a season to strengthen diplomatic ties and China will use this to continue to maneuver and look for ways to integrate more into Russia through a struggling Russian economy and government.

Russia and China will continue to openly and publicly display their armor and weaponry. — Russia will taunt our airspace and waters with their weaponry.

— Russia advances in seeking more territory and in military advancement seeking to develop greater military might and ignoring certain arms agreements.

— China reveals their military buildup and weaponry revealing how much military buildup has been happening to the surprise of other nations.

— An evil alliance of planning, discussing and maneuvering of China and Russia against Israel will be exposed.

China – China breathes fires of threats and intimidation until their own internal shakings, including their government and economy will quiet them for a season.

Japan – Shakings and eruptions will continue to seek to disrupt Japan. It is because of the sight and sound they are known for in the natural will bring a spiritual manifestation of sight and sound of an awakening of the Lord among the young.

Cuba – Will continue to be unbuckled, opening the way for the gospel and future governmental change in Cuba.

Iran: There will be a foiled plot and plan that is the result of the Lord’s intervention, bringing the attention of the nations. This will be a supernatural working of the Lord’s hand that to those who are spiritually discerning, they will understand while others will seek to dismiss.

Iran continues speaking great threats and seeking to carry out their agenda to produce nuclear weapons until their plans are foiled by Israel and eventually the United States. (Prophetic Perspectives 2012)

Saudi Arabia – Divisions and chaos will arise in the midst of this nation as the Lord deals with deceit and support of those who have sought to harm America and Israel. That which is hidden and discussed will be brought to light. America’s own energy advancement, discoveries, and oil options within its own soils will cause a stir within Saudi Arabia as they lose their grip as one of America’s energy sources.

Australia – Youth are and will continue to arise to a place of spiritual awakening shifting the nation into a revival of the young. Counter movements against the gospel and in response to the young who speak boldly of Christ will seek to redefine marriage greater and limit religious expression in public places to a greater decree. Fires will spread across the land in the natural and cities must be watched and prayed over against those who seek to piece this nation from within through violence.

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