Blood in the Streets Threat – Caravan/Election Update – B2T Show Oct 31

Show Notes:

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James Cromwell Warns of Blood in the Streets 

Here are 653 violent attacks by leftists on Republicans.

Don Lemon Says White Men are Biggest Terror Threat to the US 

Q dropped a big hint about the plot of the invading army in Q#564

The military will probably not leave the border until a wall is built.

Omama Operation Choke Point Show Government Extorting Lawful Businesses 

Republicans Can still win the House 

Election Polls Senate

Election Polls House 

HUGE. Black Support for President Trump Reaches 40% a Week Before Midterm Election

MSM is eating the rat poison… don’t lose sight of your job

To the silent screamers

Q 563 – This is more important than you can imagine.


Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris accused of breaking fundraising rules over Kavanaugh vote

Thank you NEON REVOLT! Your intro to Q article red pilled my dad and I honestly thought nothing would

Trump Heads to Pittsburgh Hoping for Unity, Some Officials Refuse to Attend

No Sane Country Would Give Citizenship to… 

Proud Boys Groups Founder Banned from Facebook & Instagram

Byron York Finally a Day of Reckoning for Avenatti 

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  • Just ordered my water filter! Not really in my budget for this month, but I know I need one and won’t likely see such a good price again. Thanks for the savings opportunity, Rick!

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