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Bill Gate’s Evil Exposed! Prophetic Word. Clay Clark LIVE. B2T Show May 17, 2022

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We learn that Bill Gates will be exposed for pure evil that will shock people as revealed in Julie Green’s latest word.

She also says that Saints will be in the news and the NFL, NBA and MLB will be exposed for rigging games and the players involved will be revealed.

We also learn Trump is coming back this year on the timeline of God and we need to stop talking 2024 since that is the timeline of man and the idea of man.

We also review key news on 2000 mules, gas prices and food shortages.

Clay Clark comes on the show and educates us about Elon Musk, his girlfriend and their support of the New World Order.

We dig into the Reset Agenda, listen to key quotes from the Globalist and see that Biden is handing over USA sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Clay gives us links and details so we can call our Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State and ask them to stop this in your state.

Clay discusses the latest line-up for the Virginia Beach ReAwaken America Tour that includes Kash Patel, Trump Jr., Eric Trump and many others!

Backstage we get some Q&A from Clay and learn more about the WHO and then get to lift him up in prayer.  Join Backstage here to see recording and get more personal insight from our Patriot Guests:





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Julie’s Prophetic Word:

So for I, the Lord this day, I’m telling my children to get up from your places of despair and defeat. Get up from that discouragement and heaviness and come and spend time with me. I will refresh your souls. I will give to you peace and joy and refreshing that you need from the war

you have been waging with your enemy. I will restore everything that has been stolen from you. These are the days of restoration. These are the days where I do a new thing in the nations. Yes, but I do a new thing in each and every one of you, children of almighty God, these are the days no eye has ever seen.

no ear has ever heard what I’m about to do for you. # Say, Lord, you have said this and things are getting worse. Is it the end? I ask you my children. It’s not over until you win. And I say to each and every one of you, you will be victorious. You will overcome, you will prosper and you will walk all over your enemies.

Remember my word says, your enemy is under your feet. Keep him there. He is defeated. He has to bow and you don’t. Don’t give up. Now, it’s almost a time for you to see a red sea, like moment, something you never thought I would do. And your enemies didn’t think I could do. They are about to see the God of Abraham,

Isaac and Jacob, the same God that part of the red sea, that drowned the enemy, is still alive. And I’m still in the business of saving and delivering my children and this earth from people like them. They will all have to deal with judgment. And that judgment day is coming sooner then they think. *** Al Jazeera will be in major news stories themselves,

a fallout, a scandal of major proportions. You would say. Liars. They were caught on video saying things to cover up what they had done and all that had been hidden with many news stories they stopped before being released to the public. A death has occurred. Someone dug in too deep and they knew too much.

So your enemies permanently silence them. And yes, this death will see justice and I, the Lord and moving my hand against your enemies and they will fall and be brought to nothing. Al-Jazeera judgment is hitting you now say at the Lord of hosts. # The Netherlands will be in your news. A whistleblower will come forward about the truth and shake things up in this country.

Things. Aren’t how they seem and most nations around the world. And soon my children, you were about to see this for yourselves. Whitewater. I will say this again. This will be continually in your news reports and listen to every location and the big players involved. There’s about to be a door open, wide, and truth will come from every direction and your enemies won’t know what to do and how to stop it.

And they can’t. Their defeat is inevitable. Say at the Lord of hosts. Socrates, this name will be in your news for a very surprising reason. Test tube babies. This phrase will be in your headlines and true surrounding actions that have been done by doctors and scientists will be exposed. Some were a part of many scandals and a whistleblower will blow the doors wide open and truth will prevail.

*** Listen for the Biden in a press conference, a major gaffe will occur and not like the ones previous. This will be a big one that will cause a big stirrup in the party of the blue. They will scramble to fix these words and it won’t work. The light is shining down to expose everything done in the darkness. # *** Paleontology will be in your news,

look to see what they have discovered or they say they have anyway. # *** Australia, you will see a big shaking in your politics and your nation. The world leaders were trying to manipulate what was going on there and it will be exposed and who their pick was and do not fear. I am going to restore your nation and freedom will return to you like never before.

So lift up your hand heads and say, Lord, let the shakeup begin. We want this land for you. Oh Lord. My children just cry out to me and see what I will do to honor my word and to deliver your nations. Sayeth the Lord.# *** The Saints will be in your news. Exposures will begin. And many in the NFL will also be exposed.

There has been many things hidden from the world in the sports arena. I will expose them all, the NFL, the NBA and theMLB. A world you didn’t even know existed behind closed doors. Manipulations and scandals will plague the big three. And the major players who took part in all of it will be exposed for I, the Lord have said enough,

and the idols you see now will fall for what they have done. And the ones who were in there for me, we’ll be saved from what is coming to the rest of them. Hold on. My children, big shakings are about to take place. # Well, I got changed during the future. All right, you are coming into a time. You never knew could or would happen.

So settle your hearts before me and know that I am the great I am. And there is no one like me, ***A death of a major world leader will shake up the world elites. Oh yes, they are about to receive one hit after another. And they won’t be able to regain their composure. *** Big leaks will come regarding Bill Gates.

A degree of evil people didn’t know existed. He will be caught in things you didn’t know people could ever do to another person. He is just one of, many of the elites who will be exposed on the world stage. Watch the whistleblowers come out from all directions to annihilate the ones who have been controlling and manipulating this world and everyone in it.

My children get ready now. Get ready for their falls and great judgment. # *** Your rightful president is on his way back now. Stop looking for 2024. No that’s man’s calendar and man’s idea. No. 2022 is a great year of truth and restoration. # ***Watch what happens to the internet and cell phone service. Many abnormal things will occur before a great silence. Remember that silence means your great victory. # ***

So do not fear the days that lie ahead for I, the Lord and giving to you what rightfully belongs to you. And I am restoring what has been stolen. A great restoration will take place and a great Exodus you shall receive. So stand right now, stand together and pray for the lost and the ones who refuse…

… to believe what is about to take place, I will have mercy on them, but my children get ready for a great flood of people. A great harvest that will flood into churches. Get ready, my children to be the light in this world that I need you to be. These are your days,

not your enemies, say as the Lord, your Redeemer.

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Bible Memory Verse

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

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