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Baal Worship in DC! Jab Injury Reversal. Shannon the Little Patriot LIVE. B2T Show Sep 21, 2022.

Show Notes

Baal Worship in DC is real and will be exposed.  Sometimes it’s in plain site, but the ugly crimes are done in the dark and with secret societies.

They all will be exposed and come down according to the latest prophetic word from Julie Green.

Also, the damage of vaccine injuries will become more apparent to everyone.  However, those who are children of God will have this reversed by the Lord!

Watch to get insight on this prophetic word that also says Jimmy Carter will die soon.

Shannon Miles the little patriot comes on live and lights up the show.

He is an on fire 12-year old who is doing animated movies with legos.

Shannon watched the ReAwaken America shows with his family and has become a true awake Patriot.

Shannon tells the story of his Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Stella Emanuel and his next day decision to get baptized and his newfound love of the Bible.

We play select videos / short movies from his Rumble channel and he let’s us know how he created the characters and their powers!

Afterwards we go Backstage with Shannon and his dad and he answers questions about his future plans, the tools he uses and where he get’s his ideas and visions.

Lois also gets a future vision for Shannon and several others have a word for him. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage



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Prophetic word

Sep 21 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting – THE RELEASE OF MY EAGLE HAS BEGUN

*** For the Lord this day am telling my children to declare victory, shout it out as loud as you can each and every day. I have the victory in Jesus name against any form of attack, and I have the favor of God that goes before me, that opens up doors that no man can shut. I will not quit. I will not be defeated. The battle is the Lord’s and he has conquered the enemies before me. These are my days to thrive, not survive. These are my days to live in perfect health and supernatural youth. Yes, these are the days of supernatural, and I believe I receive the glory of God without measure. Say it and declare it this each day, my children, these are your marching orders to declare this day,sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

Amherst. I say this name again will be in your news and soon you’ll see why it was important for me to mention this name again, sayeth the Lord.

*** Inadequate. This word will be in your news to describe many people in your fraudulent government, Oh, United States. They are about to be removed by me sayth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** Anheiser Bush. This name and company will be in your news. Explosive exposures are coming from many major corporations that have hid many things in plain sight from you, Oh United States. Many dark secrets and many dirty deals are going to come out because a whistleblower is coming forward with the truth that will cause this company to fall sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Sinclair, this name will also be in your news. Secrets will continue to be revealed.

Nova Scotia will be in your news.

*** I have warned you, oh, United States, the big one is coming in. Yes, an earthquake that will rock this nation, and there will be an eruption of a volcano at the same time. Do not fear this. This is to signal a great change has begun, and a government is about to take a fall and no one could have seen it take place this way, because my ways are greater than man’s ways sayeth the Lord. ##

*** Desperation is growing in this fraudulent government and you will see it. It’ll become more obvious in these days. You will see it on live TV. You will see it on the news. You will see it in interviews. You will see it in so many ways on the side of the left, because there are days of power coming to an end, and they’re expiration date is drawing near. So watch as they shake, watch as they tremble, watch as I continue to make big mistakes that will not be able to be covered up. It’s time for the curtains to be pulled back on the puppet show. It is time for the release of my Eagle sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Anguish, this word will be in your news for surprising reason.

## Jimmy Carter, I say again, is about to pass away and many more will follow. ##

*** The days of darkness over DC will be visible to this nation. This capital is not yours. It was theirs. The Luciferians put it there on that spot on purpose. That land was given to Lucifer by his followers. Many sacrifices have taken place over many years. Baal worship, yes, many satanic rituals have continuously been done on those grounds. You will know, without a shadow of a doubt, you would say, that Washington DC was never supposed to be your capital. Judgements are about to rain down that place like in the days of the original Exodus against the Pharaoh. Yes, these Pharaohs will experience the same realization that I am the one true God and I am in control. They lose and I win everytime sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Endorsements, this word will be in your news for surprising reason.

*** Another ring is about to be exposed. A pedophilia ring. All the big names are about to be released and Epstein’s secret island will be secret no more. Every crime committed along with every individual who visited there will be exposed. The list is coming and it will not be redacted. Impeachment and removal and indictments are about to grow with intensity. Arrests will be continued to happen, but now they’ll be done in public instead of in secret. ##

*** “Crush the snake”, this phrase will be in your news. A real snake will be revealed as someone who has betrayed to be on the right when they were really on the left. A treasonous snake, people will scream and shout and he will be forced out of power sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** Something big is about to happen in DC that will start an avalanche of catastrophes for this fraudulent government. Watch the skies in this area because more signs will be seen and you will know of their coming destruction. ##

*** Adverse side effects will be in your news. These exposures will continue to pour out what they really had in those vaccines that was meant to destroy the population. But my children who took it, I will reverse it, so do not fear. I am your healer sayeth the Lord. ##

*** The storm is not coming, it’s here. Brace for impact of a spiritual storm that will destroy your enemy’s power. The storm is great and its power will not be denied. Watch them all fall. This is a season for a great fall. Biden will fall again, and it will signal his final fall and removal from his supposed power. He is fake and he is more fake than you realized. You say, Lord, how is that possible? You will soon see my children what I mean by this. The great fall in fall is here and it wasn’t for the past. It is for now. Oh America the beautiful, oh, you have been betrayed, stolen and infiltrated, but I am the one who has anointed your land, and no matter what has taken place in this land, I have honored the prayers of millions and I will cleanse this nation once again. You’ll be beautiful, as beautiful as you can be. So my children be prepared for this shaking because a great shaking is coming and you will be released from their power. So stand your ground and your guard your mouths, say my words and none else for I the Lord of Hosts am here to avenge and it will set you completely free. Believe me and not your enemy, their time of removals is here, and your time of great celebrations are about to begin sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##


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