Army of Digital Soldiers! Qanon Nov 4 – Bible Study Neh 9 & 10

Show Notes:

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AMAZING! People Started Lining Up Yesterday Afternoon For Trump Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Oh God, thank you for empowering, protecting president Donald J. Trump

Trump Accomplishments – MEGAPILL

November 4th Q Discussion

18-30 year olds are the largest group of Obama(D) voting base showing up this time. All indoctrinated, all common core, don’t take it lightly!!

If the US didn’t have such a massive welfare system that steals from hard working people and gives money to deadbeats there wouldn’t be millions of illegals trying to flow through the border.

Q #2405 | “We will protect the vote” tweet/article: “Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber crimes”

THIS Is Awesome…

Gab is back! Your free speech site is back online. Hurrah!

Q #2406 | “Listen carefully – strategic speech to be used in the future.”

How memes destroyed CNN.

Redpilled celebrities and influential people exposing Pizzagate!

Pedophile Ring Exposed 

Simple Question, difficult answer: Which meltdown of MSM will you watch on Tuesday night? CNN, MSNBC, FOX….

Holy Bat Shit! Did Planned Parenthood spend estimated [$65 million] to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections?

Cheap and easy ways to prepare for long periods of martial law or a civil war without power or water.

In a Meme War , you need Ammunition ….Here’s a TruckLoad

Wow, hearing Ron DS in FL w 45 , Dem Fl Gillum campaign openly avowing to overthrow republican government with Socialism. Where r Feds?

PARTY OF CRIME: BREAKING: Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation by the State Department for attempting to hack Georgia’s voter registration systems.. ELECTORAL FRAUD RAMPANT IN USA!!!

Georgia Investigation Democrats for Hacking Voting System 

I have red pilled 6 people in 3 days!

Tuesday will be an exorcism.

WINNING!!! VICTORY! Migrant caravan leaders admit defeat!!!!

Nice catch Lisa! Here is why Trump misspelled Kavanaugh and corrected it.

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Bible Study

Neh Chapter 9

Neh Chapter 10 

Scripture Memory System 

Bible Commentary for Ezra and Neh 


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