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Angel of Death for Maxine? Sidney Powell on the Big Lie. Gene Ho LIVE. B2T Show Aug 24, 2022

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A prophetic word shows judgement upon Maxine Waters.  We also see the Clinton’s called out as well as the fall of Dianne Feinstein.

The words also show that Sidney Powell will be used in a mighty way to expose the Big Lie that Joe Biden won the election.  The Big Lie will not stand!

Rick also reviews news about another FBI whistleblower exposes the FBI corruption of hiding the Hunter Biden laptop.

We also learn President Trump endorsed candidates won all the primaries and that in Florida Ron DeSantis candidates in school board won most of their elections and even flipping Miami Dade county’s board to conservative.

Gene Ho came on live and we got an update on his new endeavors with Geroge Magazine, his traveling around the nation on speaking tours and his new sponsorship of Giddy Up energy drink.

Gene also discussed his spiritual walk and his experience with going from riches, being canceled to his new life now.

Gene also shared the character he saw in trump vs. the incorrect lies of the main stream media.

We then go Backstage to discuss with Gene and in Q&A hear about his new home, his life behind the scenes and his need for prayer.  We then lift him up and several

Backstage members get visions for Gene. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage



Prophetic word

8.24.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – THE STORM IS UPON YOUR ENEMIES

*** For I, the Lord this day am telling my children to proclaim freedom, proclaim your deliverance, proclaim your healing, proclaim your wholeness, proclaim a sound mind, proclaim more than enough. You may be asking Lord, how can we proclaim these things when it doesn’t seem true, or how we feel is the exact opposite? My children, because you need to proclaim it until you believe it, and then you shall receive it. Deliverance, freedom, wholeness, abundance, soundness of mind and health; all of these things are already yours, even though you can’t see or feel. hat doesn’t change that fact that this is true. The price has been paid for you, and you just need to believe it, so nothing your adversary can do can take these things from you. Tell your adversary to get off and to let go of the things that are yours. That thief can no longer rule and reign and steal things away from you when you know the truth. Know the truth today. Receive and believe the truth today. Jesus already won and your victories are already guaranteed sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

Guantanamo bay will be in your news for an unusual reason, it may appear like.

Greenland will be in the news.

*** Watch another news Anchor will walk away, it may appear like. They think they can hide from what is coming, but they can’t, because the truth is coming, and so his judgment, for the ones that forced the big lie upon this earth and its nation. ##

*** A former president is about to die. Jimmy Carter’s days are running out. ##

***Explosive information from a whistleblower will come forward and blow the roof off of Bill and Hillary’s lies. No more can they hide from what is coming, sayeth the Lord of hosts ##

A mall is going to be in your news.

Again. I say an air aircraft carrier will be in the news.

Mount St. Helens will be in the news an erruption will take place.

Mardi Gras. This will be in your news.

A charity foundation will be in your news and not for what you think.

Salvador Dali. This name will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Exquisite, this word will be in your news.

Inquisitor. This word will also be in your news.

*** Sidney Powell is about to be in your news. Something has been held back for a certain hour and that hour is drawing near to rip the big lie apart. It will not stand and it will not continue sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

***A bombshell report on Hunter Biden is about to be released and this can’t be suppressed or held back, and this bombshell will not only take out Hunter Biden, but “the Biden” as well. Great eruptions of truth are coming sayeth the Lord. ##

*** Maxine waters is about to be exposed big time. She will lose her seat of power and lose her life as well sayeth the Lord. ##

*** Dianne Feinstein will take a fall that she will not recover from. ##

Continue to watch Alaska.

A great eruption is about to take place that will get the world’s attention.

*** Things are shaking and coming to an explosive place I’ve been warning you about. Do not fear for this is for your enemy’s final takedown. The storm is upon your enemies. And this storm will take down and destroy, annihilate, level and bring your enemies and all their plans to nothing sayeth the Lord. ##

A landslide will be in your news and pay attention to the location. More will come out of this area.

Hazelnut, I say this word again, will be in your news.

*** A satanic temple will be in your news. My children watch as they all come down. Watch another monument is about to fall and it will make national headlines. ##

A hot spring will be in your news.

Something unusual. We’ll be reporting in the desert.

*** Another leader of a nation is about to resign. Watch as they all start to fall step away and some will even die. I told you my children, I am cleaning house all over this world of the rats, snakes, thieves, and liars. I am removing them all. ##

An incident will take place in the Indian ocean. The Arabian sea will also be in your news.

*** Again. I say, watch the waters. Many things are about to take place, and many things are about to be seen. I have destroyed your enemies with water before, and I can do that again. Many things have taken place in the waters and I will expose and destroy it all by my hand sayeth the Lord of Hosts. You are at a very pivotal point in history my children. Sudden changes are about to be seen and felt for your good. A great time of celebration is about to take place, so start to celebrate my children. Your enemies are about to surrender, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

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