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The B2T Show

Amanda Grace LIVE. Prepare Now. Keep the Faith. B2T Show Oct 30, 2020

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Amanda warns of the risk of going out on Halloween.

She also gives us details on why Satan uses Halloween for his purposes as well as shares her recent dreams that confirm the plans of the enemy around the election.

Watch to understand how they plan to attempt to take over America and how they plan to rebel and that we need to prepare.

We end with a powerful prayer from Amanda rebuking the evil and asking for the Lord to Heal our Land!


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Fulfilled Prophesy


I the Lord thy God appoint Kings and Leaders and I say this day the election in the United States shall be even more baffling than the last. There shall be a plot to usurps votes and steal votes, but it will be outed right before the beginning of November and the perpetrators prosecuted says the Lord God for their crimes. However says the Lord I am doing a mighty work and there will be events that will lead up to the elections that will even leave the most radical commentators scratching their heads not able to put the pieces together of what is happening because this will be spirit driven, this election and the natural will yield to what I the Lord decree and release on scrolls in the Spirit says the Lord. Candidates will out themselves and each other and those whom have dipped into the honeypot of election funds to fund the most lavish and environmentally unfriendly of luxury items shall be exposed and caught RED HANDED says the Lord. I am crushing the fist of socialism and communism in more than one country says the Lord for I the Lord do not seek rule that oppresses but that frees those to glorify and serve their Father in Heaven says the Lord.


Watch closely MY children the timing of the re emerging of Barack Obama for He has been baited to come back out says the Lord to support a puppet, a political howdy doody, and the puppet masters are some of the most wicked, some even from other countries that do not value freedom or serve Me Almighty God. The puppet will be silenced and the pulpit the puppet sits upon will crumble says the Lord as a baffling sequence of events shall take place heading to November that will leave those who are attempting to breakthrough and conquer, will leave them puzzled, disheveled, and in cohesive for I the Lord thy God shall agitate and turn them up and break the agreement and alliances forged in back room deals and secret locations around the world says the Lord thy God this day.


NOTE: Another democratic candidate will re emerge back into the spot light, carefully watch the timing of who re emerges and what they say for there will be clues my children.

They are playing roulette, they are spinning the devils wheel, and in their gambling event when they attempt to securely “fix” events they shall lose in baffling ways, for I the Lord, God Yahweh can override even what is fixed and reverse the results. For I am God, I know no bounds, I am not bound by time, nor by man and in this season, My power shall be demonstrated more than any other time says the Lord, and I shall pour out that power insight accuracy and favor upon My children. Favor from the Lord your God is worth far more then the Worlds work My children and can accelerate faster than a lifetime of labor. Seek My favor, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you in good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over I the Lord shall pour it into your lap so much so it cannot be contained.

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