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Amanda Prophesies

Prophecy come to pass:

From 11.13.19 CHINA Prophecy…corona virus 2020

Hearing the word RESET the Lord is doing a very large RESET of people’s lives.

The Lord is resting things back into position, in some cases freeing those in order to save them.

This involves countries as well china being one of them, China is going to be dealt very heavy blows for the wickedness going on and those who were their contacts to the elite that whole train is about to get derailed and run right off the tracks.

This leader of china is in for it along with the govt for what they have done to their people and those sold out to this leader for industry will fall as well.

They want to try and force those to renounce the Lord well the gavel has dropped, and the Lord has judged them, and their leaders and we shall see this come to pass. There is tension in china

because there is tension in the realm of the spirit, a heavy blow a heavy blow is knocking on their door.


This major shift that is going to happen will envoke a manifestation of earthquakes throughout the earth

And it was added that many of these earthquakes would occur in areas that normally do not have them

Puerto rico not since 1918, Jamaica, iran, russia

11.26.19 blooming in the extreme:

For in the enemy’s desperation to destroy he discounted that I the Lord expose whom I please and am exposing the entire, manipulative, calculating, self motivated, power driven plot before the people says the Lord and am causing these things to backfire and make a fool of the enemy’s satanic agents and puppets says the Lord of Hosts.They are not the ringmasters says the Lord they are indeed the fools and the clowns in a very convuluded charade that has been put on display to open the eyes wide of the people and yanking up by the root for all to see the true motivation of these false excavations that the enemy’s agents have taken part in a witch hunt where they shall now become the hunted for dare attempting to hunt my children down and take them down says the Lord of Hosts. How dare they, the hunter shall now become the hunted and the hunted are moving on and soaring to Glory and shall be above and not beneath. I am preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies and those who have persecuted you says the Lord, truly you shall eat the meal of victory for the time has come for My children to breakthrough and break away from the cycles, and tricks, and back door shackles the enemy has attempted to use to keep them from continuing in My plan for where we are at now and what is going to take place is such a threat to His Kingdom and the propaganda he cycles out that he has attempted to find any way in through anyone around you to oppress, depress, drain, and syphon from you not only the blessings of the Lord BUT the spiritual gifts that cause you to thrive. However I am getting the enemy by the haal of his leg and putting him out of joint where they cannot latch on or chain My children any long for by force of MY WORD those shackles are breaking those holds

and I the Lord am claiming these territories and regions and disabling the strongholds of the demon princes who rule at the gate says the lord, they shall have no power says the lord I am miraculously disabling it and the evidence shall come forth in the natural, strange happenings shall manifest that shall be a sign to My people I the Lord God Jehovah am taking back from the enemy what he unrightfully and unlawfully stole from My Kingdom and now he shall answer those charges and demon princes will be sent in retreat back to the pits of hell from which they came says the Lord God Jehovah in Jesus name

and in the peacock word I just delivered from the Lord before 2020 the Lord said he was going for the neck and snapping the neck to paralyze the head,

12.8.19 double salting:

Iran will suffer a very public mortal wound a gushing wound for what they have done to Israel and I am striking Hezbolah with madness they will go mad and suffer complete disorder says the Lord thy God this day

Make no mistakes this is a sign this is setting the tone for 2020 that the enemies of God’s children, His anointed, and His firstborn Israel are hereby put on notice that time is up the Lord will judge, they have been found wanting, menemenetekelupharsin was spoken in 2019 pertaining to the end of 19 and the year 2020. The Lord is weighing these individuals, rulers, nations, and groups and they have been found wanting

A tale of the cupbearer and the baker from genesis pertaining to Joseph

A termination and extermination of the hamans

This is the year you will see haman after haman terminated much of it will be public

There is going to be a clear line of separation as well as the wheat from the tares and the tares are getting torn up by the roots

Cities foundations who have challenged the Holiness of Almighty God will be shaken and there are states within the US that will see such a shaking for their willful mocking rebellion that it will shock the nation.

Make no mistake the Lord thy God is not mocked


Will see the names of false Greek gods and serpent like creatures attempting to claim territory and gain notoriety for themselves through the host they influence, you will see areas and businesses that have associated and opened the door to such drink the cup of consequence and I the lord shall bring them to shame for even attempting to lay claim on the earth says the Lord God jehovah

Dannon oikos just began playing a commercial where the Greek god of war is the main character- seen 1.25.20


Salman bin Abdulaziz

Mohammad bin Salman

Father and son keep your eyes on these leaders of Saudi Arabia a very embarrassing and shaming to their way of life type scandal will arise much hush money has been paid out in this one, the Lord thy God is going to expose it in Jesus name

1.22.20 a big story breaks that the Saudi crown prince is under high suspicion of hacking the phobe of amazon ceojeff Bezos and putting some kind of software on it that was pulling tons of information off his phone. He is owner of the Washington post, and murdered reporter jamal Khashoggi and the Washington post was apparently of very high concern to the Saudi rulers


Watch Alaska

1.19.20 the shishaldin  volcano shot ash 5 miles into the sky, 28000 ft above sea level,  in an eruption dusting a small fishing village, the plume stretched 90 miles

1.22.20 9:53 PM 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes in alaskasAleutian islands

1.22.20 approx 530 pm the word was released: I the Lord shall cause Documents miraculously to emerge that is going to staunchly and suddenly change arguments, there will be a scramble and shock and awe as to how these documents were leaked. The media shall have the word sham smeared in areas that attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the people, however I the Lord am opening eyes, I am correcting vision spiritually and naturally, I am sharpening insight, I am bringing clear vision, sharpness of insight shall emerge and it will be very very clear that My people can see what others ruled by entities cannot says the Lord.

1.22.20 Wednesday 10pm Laura Ingraham exposes a chain of state dept emails tying alleged wkraine whistleblower to Obama white house meeting Burisma and the bidens

Now leaked Documents having to do with john Bolton where no one knows how these documents were leaked has occurred

I think this is just the beginning the Lord said documentS plural, so I am expecting even more shocking ones to suddenly emerge


1.22.20 watch Ford

U.S. Navy (@USNavy)

It is week two for #USSGeraldRFord‘s at-sea testing of her Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) technology. Testing will help inform improvements and modifications for Ford & follow-on Ford-class aircraft carriers. #NavyReadiness


A Royal announcement will be made in the spirit and the Natural says the Lord

Jan 10 2020

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had left the United Kingdom for Canada less than two days after she and Prince Harry made the shocking announcement that they would “step back” from their roles as senior members of the royal family, NBC News confirmed Friday.


Those who sow a public fanfare, a public drama shall be put on display says the Lord thy God for all to see, shall star in their own public parade of all the rats coming forth from their dens and dwellings as the pied piper led them out so there will be those who sing that will lead them out publicly says the Lord

Dawn mariepoastingChinese new yearyear of the rat and at the bottom corner is a peacock!

1.28.20 7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Jamaica triggering a tsunami warning

1.25.20 written in my journal I heard TSUNAMI (show journal)

8.6.19: however says the Lord that lanyard is fracturing when a key player in the political arena breaks free from the chain because I the Lord shall set them free. They will be marked with a mark of protection as they become a major whistleblower. People will hardly believe that this individual jumped ship on their party and exposes the sinking ship, the giant gaping holes that fools attempt to stand infront of and spew ungodly hateful rhetoric as these gaping black holes swallow them up says the Lord.

12.16.19: Congressman jeff van Drew of new Jersey a democrat left the party over impeachment and switched to the republican party, stating there was not enough evidence sufficient to convict

Talk about Coyote incident 1.27.20 1am

12.23.19 peacock word: The enemy has attempted to come in a coyote or wolf pack he has attempted to swarm, overburden overwhelm and overrun, However the Lord thy God has given the orders from His throne and warring angels are being sent out to assist and break up their line of communication and central command. If they cannot communicate when they hunt it becomes confused and disorganized, Confusion greater than babyl is hitting the camp f the enemy coming down like javelins plunging into the middle the nucleus of their operations

This came to pass for me real time 1am 1.27.20- explain

1.30.20 word from the Lord

Nyc subway an attack being plotted there

1.31.20 fox news breaks the story Antifa plans massive anti-cop action in NY subways, push for free transit, ending police presence



There is a Cruise Ship Company, a MAJOR event will occur, hearing OUTBREAK, it will be newsworthy says the Lord of Hosts

Feb 4, 2020 more than 3500 people quarantined on cruise ship in japan after guests test positive for corona virus, Norwegian cruiseline. Newsweek broke the story first I believe

Since then more cruise ships have had the same issues the news is reporting

Ark of Grace Ministries


Title: Word from the Lord-The sword, order, and Key events

In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the Word was God! I am the Word says the Lord God Jehovah. The Word of God is living it is powerful it is active My children. Use the Word, understand the word, the Word is sharper than any two-edged sword penetrating to soul and spirit, and joint and marrow says the Lord. My children, the enemy knows the word and his tactic is to get you inch by inch farther, not only from reading the word, but from ACTIVATING it says the Lord of Hosts.

Activation is key says the Lord. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. In the wilderness, my children, my precious son Jesus activated the word when the enemy attempted to come in at My son’s weakest, after fasting 40 days and 40 nights.  That is when the enemy attempted to come in and use The Word of God in attempt to cause Jesus to stumble, twisting the word and manipulating it in order to attempt a misstep.  However, that foolish snake was speaking to THE WORD, THE LIVING BREATHING WORD!  My son and you cannot get the Word made flesh to stumble says the Lord. I am speaking of this My children because the enemy would love nothing more than to lure you into a pattern where the word becomes neutralized and inactive in your lives. Know My children we are entering, in fact, we have already entered, a crucial time.

In My presence there is peace My children and, in My presence, there is freedom, in My presence there is truth, in My presence there is healing, in My presence there is hope. For My strength is made perfect in your weakness, says the Lord of Hosts. The Word sharpens My children as you read and meditate upon the word.  Listen to the Word, it sharpens your abilities.  I have given you ears to hear in the spirit and eyes to see in the spirit, it sharpens your ability to discern to give accurate utterances from Me says the Lord. It sharpens your spirit and soul to know My voice. Then My children when you speak and activate My word it pierces, it penetrates, it is used and utilized as the sword in the armor of God.

Know My children this day the enemy is a defeated foe, he was defeated on the cross, when My precious son said, “it is finished.”  Do not give the enemy power and influence, he has no legal authority to have says the Lord God Jehovah. Remember My children, the deeper you are rooted in Me and My word, the more your abilities sharpen the more you can discern the voice and influence of the enemy from the voice and the influence of the Lord God Your Father and Creator.

NOTE: Hearing Tahiti watch that area

The enemy has attempted to double down in some crucial areas, says the Lord. He is using his agents, and puppets and players, however I the Lord see ahead, I the Lord know his game, know his scheming and know the depths of his wickedness. The enemy will lose in these key areas and those who decided as an act of their will to serve the interest of the devil, will lose all the enemy gave them in power, in authority, and in riches. When now as the earth opened and swallowed up korah and those who followed in that rebellion so the quicksand, the rotted foundation they are standing upon will cave and it will be too big to miss or to hide. They desire to drag deceptions, and propaganda, and blasphemy into the spotlight, so My divine light shall shine on them and place a spotlight on them as they now fall. Remember the cupbearer and the baker and Abraham and Lot my children, this is the time you will begin to see these occurrences happen.

There is an area in the Midwest of the United States, hearing humanitarian Crisis, pray for that area says the Lord. Out of the crisis in California, those areas where literally portals of hell have opened and are now ruling over the rulers of those areas, the stench of hell is becoming more prominent.  My children in those areas is where those in office are being ruled over by the principalities in those areas. However as when sin increased to a level where the flood happened in the days of Noah, to purge the earth, says the Lord, watch a purging sweep through these areas where events, some by natural means and some man made will occur. These areas will begin to get purged of the sin and the darkness and the oppression that now blankets whole cities says the Lord.

The Governor of California will have to step down for what has been done in the dark, will be exposed. Concerning his public and personal affairs says the Lord and it will be that last bit of weight that buckles the entire condemned bridge, that he helped destabilize along with his band of cohorts scattered across that state.

NOTE: Watch Alaska

England is going through a shakeup, that has started within the government and stretching into the royal family, their army, certain districts, London, Big Ben, the clock is ticking says the Lord. Boris has been placed in position as an agitator to shakeup and move around all the corrupt and all that stealthy framework they were attempting to put in place it shall be broken up as ground is broken up and tilled right before the seeds are dropped. Then comes new growth says the Lord. More truths about the death of princess Diana will emerge as loyalties have cracked within the royal family and there will be those secretly willing, for the sake of justice, to expose truth says the Lord.

Yes, says the Lord this is a season where secrets having to do with corrupt behavior, with family lines, within governments, high society, areas of home offices, and of religion, the ground is being broken up and the secrets will come forth that were kept under lock and key that were literally buried will be leaked as documents, journals, and photos, says the Lord of Hosts this day.

There is going to be a significant sign in the heavens this year. This is because this is going to be a watermark year says the Lord. This is where those who truly are of me and have been raised up by me will bear that mark wherever they go. It will be clear and evident says the lord, and those who were playing the role, well their show is now coming to an end, says the Lord of Hosts. Just watch and see!

Yes, this is a year of rearranging. What was out of order will be set right back to the beginning. In order to make sure and ensure that things are in the order that I have ordained going forward, says the Lord God Jehovah. For things must be orderly for the new wine to go into new wineskins, says the Lord.  The old wineskins will burst, therefore there are old wineskins being shed. There are things that will require patience to bloom in your lives and you will see others manifest quickly and come to pass in accordance with My plan and My purposes. Know My children that understanding My timing is KEY for as the trees and the plants and the flowers My children understand times and seasons, when to bloom, when to bear fruit, when to bring forth new growth and when to rest in Me until spring and the time to bloom comes again so My children it is necessary to understand The timing of God and to yield to that timing and understand that events in the right timing will yield maximum results, as well as  blessings and breakthroughs for my glory and for your good.

Many of you are entering a promised land this year.  You have gone through rigorous and intense training and have endured a process to bring about a testimony, revelation, knowledge, all for my glory.  You will be planted as seeds within those who hear and will strengthen the army of the Lord on this earth, as we enter a time of significant historical events that will change the course in some cases, some will set up for vindication, that will cause effects long after and historical markers will occur that I will utilize to bring My plans, purposes and order to pass says the Lord of Hosts. I rule and reign forevermore My children come unto Me in this hour seek My face praise Me and worship Me in spirit and in truth for victory and doors unlocking that were sealed off until now. Where I take you now submit and allow Me to lead you into a new area and into new arenas for My glory for, I am God there is none other I bless you in the name of Yeshua in Jesus name.

The spirit of medusa is attempting to subtly slip back in, you will hear the name and see the image, attempting to be utilized of the enemy as a tool and weapon to seduce, to hypnotize, to lure through different areas of industry, examples are clothing and music.  However, says the Lord there will be heavy loss and a hefty price to pay for attempting to release that spirit in full fury upon the earth and as fast as it attempts to strike is as quickly I have given orders to have it cut off says the Lord!!

Will see the names of false Greek gods and serpent like creatures attempting to claim territory and gain notoriety for themselves, through the host they influence. You will see areas and businesses that have associated and opened the door to such things and will now drink the cup of consequence.  I the Lord shall bring them to shame for even attempting to lay claim on the earth, says the Lord God Jehovah. However, says the Lord, that spirit shall be cut off at the head and it shall cause the body of reach to die out and go back to which it came.

NOTE: Salman bin Abdelaziz &Mohammad bin Salman

Father and son keep your eyes on these leaders of Saudi Arabia as a very embarrassing and shaming to their way of life type scandal will arise. There will be much hush money that has been paid out in attempt to cover this scandal. However, the Lord thy God is going to expose it in Jesus name.

Amanda Grace – Ark of Grace Ministries

Broadcast Date: 1.22.2020

Word from the Lord

I am God, I am Almighty, I am All Powerful. I am the same yesterday today and forever!! My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts. You MUST be willing to go through a process to get to the promise. Many are called but few are chosen because My children many abandon the process because they cannot control it, because it does not look like the painted fantasy they have concocted in their minds. Many do not want to roll up their sleeves and get down to work, down to the nitty gritty says the Lord God Jehovah. Even in the armies here on earth My children, training is hard, soldiers are taught and conditioned to endure all sorts of circumstances and situations so they can focus and continue the mission even amongst the noise. Soldiers My children are trained in noise, they are trained in less than ideal conditions because that is what they are entering says the Lord. They are NOT entering ideal but way less than ideal, they are entering warzones, they are entering areas that have been ransacked, they are entering areas where wickedness is on the rise says the Lord God Jehovah. Soldiers of the living God are very similar, and many drop off because they cannot handle less than ideal. My children I am training you in this season to hear through the noise, to persevere through the distraction, to push through the muck and the mire the enemy has attempted to spew in front of you says the Lord of Hosts this day. However, many, too many in the Kingdom of God demand ideal from Me and My servants in order to move at all says the Lord. If they cannot listen to and submit to instruction in the most difficult of circumstances how will they ever learn to be responsible in more ideal conditions if they are never taught the difference so they appreciate and cherish when they enter the promise says the Lord this day.

There is a reason many Jews never entered the promised land, they were the grumblers, the complainers that everything was less than their ideal. Even though I supplied for them above and beyond says the Lord. Their clothing NEVER wore out, their sandals NEVER wore out, they were given manna, they were given quail, they were rescued from one of the most cruel and oppressive regimes in history by MY hand and STILL so many of them REFUSED to follow MY instructions because the situation was NOT exactly what they wanted says the Lord. They attempted to control and manipulate Moses, they even brazenly attempted to manipulate My hand says the Lord God Jehovah. I am God ,I AM, and I do not yield and bow to the demands of fallen men in a fallen world who let their flesh lead and do not look beyond or seek My face in order to see and understand the plan I the Lord have set My mind to do for your good not your harm says the Lord!! In many ways Moses saw beyond, he truly had FAITH HE TRUSTED that when I the Lord spoke unto him that I would do exactly what I said says the Lord. Moses did not mind first being in with the herds, being immersed in the sheep, becoming a mere shepherd, many now a days would see as beneath them but it was indeed the fundamental building blocks, the fundamental foundation that I the Lord thy God built upon to raise him up to lead a nation, to have faith that when he raised his staff the red sea would part, that when I the Lord told them to apply the blood of the lamb to their doorposts, in faith Moses helped the Jewish people apply the blood of the lamb and TRUST that the blood of the lamb would truly cover them, protect them and keep them as that angel of death entered to finally bring the day of reckoning to Egypt for taking My firstborn Israel’s, firstborn children and feeding them to the crocodiles. Moses mother was a woman of extraordinary faith amongst an oppressed people says the Lord. That basket with that precious baby boy was sent down that river in FAITH that her God, Yahweh, was truly her deliverer and her protector. She took a step out in faith that many were too filled with fear to even pursue. However, Moses’s mother listened through the noise, focused through the noise and came forth triumphant in Me the Lord her God Elohim. Her courage, her extraordinary faith opened the door to raise a little baby boy up to be a leader of immovable faith and courage because the Spirit of the Lord was upon Moses. Perfect love casts out all fear My children. I am the God of that perfect Love. Be though Holy for I the Lord your God am Holy says the Lord.

Hearing the Lotus. The Lotus flower is very relevant.

Jay Sekulow says the Lord, I have prepared him, and I have walked with him and talked with Him. I have raised him up for such a time as this. The brilliance that will come forth from that man, the courage, the conviction, a beacon of light on a hill, speaking the wisdom that only comes from Almighty God during the den of lions says the Lord. The den of lions will not dare touch him for I have marked him and positioned him for such a time as this and I will give him vision and I will expose to him what is being plotted behind closed doors, revelation will come forth and he will emerge an incredible witness and mouthpiece for My Glory. For I the Lord have already ruled in the courts, the gavel has dropped and at My word the cases of those eager to oust as those jealous officials ruled by mammon attempted to oust Daniel to have him stripped of his position and his favor. I the Lord God Jehovah delivered him from mouths of the accusers and from the jaws of the lion and King Darius KNEW Beyond doubt that I am the most high God far above every principality, power and might and it was clear My FAVOR rested upon Daniel like a mantle. King Darius witnessed the salvation of the Lord.

The one who signed with the silver. Hamman and Judas both came into contact with silver, one to be paid into the king’s treasury for the extermination of the Jews and one given 30 pieces to betray the king of Kings and hand him over to the wicked Pharisees. The ones who have utilized the silver have come into agreement with their demise says the Lord. The one who signed with their name etched in silver, the one who betrays and attempts to usurp the plans of Almighty God using Silver will fall by the very means they attempt to poison others with says the Lord God Jehovah. The Power of Almighty God shall fall upon Washington DC, shall shake the foundations, shall shake and stir until the dross comes to the surface and all that muck and waste that was concealed, I am breaking the seal says the Lord I am breaking the seal and what has been concealed shall be revealed. Those who sow a public fanfare, a public drama shall be put on display says the Lord thy God for all to see, shall star in their own public parade of all the rats coming forth from their dens and dwellings as the pied piper led them out so there will be those who sing that will lead them out publicly says the Lord.

There needs to be surrender, if MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. As I exposed to Elisha what the king said in his bedroom, plotted in His bedroom so I shall do the same and give that information unto my servants who will boldly come forth and expose it and shift the plans made in secret.

There are plans going up in smoke literally says the Lord thy God watch and see!

There are documents, documents that those who serve mammon, who serve the principality fighting to grasp Washington, to wrap its tentacles around Washington and keep it subjugated to that spirit, I the Lord shall cause Documents miraculously to emerge that is going to staunchly and suddenly change arguments, there will be a scramble and shock and awe as to how these documents were leaked. The media shall have the word sham smeared in areas that attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the people, however I the Lord am opening eyes, I am correcting vision spiritually and naturally, I am sharpening insight, I am bringing clear vision, sharpness of insight shall emerge and it will be very very clear that My people can see what others ruled by entities cannot says the Lord.

The shofar shall blow this year across the land and across Israel for I am a God of Victory and in seeking Me and waiting on My plans to unfold there is victory says the Lord.

Hearing the name Ford, watch Ford says the Lord.

for I shall increase the wisdom, knowledge, and revelation of My children who have walked a difficult path and have been obedient in the midst of less than ideal circumstances, who have sung My praises in the midst of thunder lightening and rain.

Lightening strikes fast, furious, and with precision. I the Lord am precise and Those I speak My word to shall be potently precise as 2020 moves ahead. This is a breakout year for Many, they have been in training and now I the Lord shall break them out into the areas I will send them to be a light, and a testimony, and a living letter read by ALL men to those who hear their voice. Their voice shall be coated with anointing and shall contain fire and will go forth to heal, to convict, and to establish My Word, MY plans, and MY Purposes. Watch says the Lord go forth In Me and watch the miraculous happen before your very eyes thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name!

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