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Amanda Grace LIVE. Biden Crime Family Exposed! B2T Show Mar 15, 2023

B2T Show

Amanda Grace comes on the show and shares past prophesies that are being fulfilled or unfolding based on recent news.

Her husband Chris joins us as well!

First, she discusses the banking crisis and reads past prophesies that address the exact events taking place.

Then she digs into the new agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran facilitated by China.

This relates to a specific past prophesy that she reads on the show.

Before Amanda comes on the show, Rick reviews news on the Banking crisis, the stock market and the Biden Crime family.

New Bank wire transfers show direct proof of wires from the CCP to a shell company that then gave out wires to various Biden family members, including Hunter and Joe.

Then Rick reviews other news before Amanda comes on the show with updates on the Animal sanctuary and the prophecies fulfilled.

Backstagers get a chance to ask questions of Amanda and Chris as well and we learn more about the Animals, their travel plans to Israel and more.

Amanda and Chris both pray for the B2T Ministry and then Backstagers and Rick pray for Amanda, Chris and Ark of Grace ministries.

We then blow the shofars asking for blessings on the ministries.

After we end the show Backstagers stay on for training on the Neighborhood platform and a Bible study led by Gus.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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