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All 8 Obama Years to be Overturned! The Queen is Dead. B2T Show Sep 8, 2022

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Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

A prophetic word from Julie Green says that “everything” in Obama’s Presidency will be overturned and overthrown.

In addition, everything that has been done the last few years under Biden will be overturned and overthrown as well.

Even Obama’s true birthplace will be revealed with new undeniable evidence on the fake Birth Certificate.

Rick reviews the 11 prophetic words Julie Green had on the Queen and several that called out Charles as murdering his mother to gain the crown.

Julie’s word also calls out yuval Noah Harari, who Clay Clark exposed over the last 4 months.

Rick then reviews other news around the hypocritical Cabal and then teaches on the Fall Festavils that start on Sep 25 and end on Oct 17.

Rick feels major Biblical events will occur during these 3 weeks and recommends getting your free consultation with Kirk Elliott quickly!

Julie’s word also said to Break free from the enemy’s chains with his word and by praise and worship.

Kent Henry comes on and we sing about our great Defender as we move into PraiseNPrayer.  As we move backstage the Holy Spirit moves and we hear multiple praise reports before we move to intercessory prayer and more worship!  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage




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Prophetic word

Sep 8 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting – A DISMANTLING OF WASHINGTON DC HAS BEGUN

*** For I, the Lord this day am telling my children to fight back, to resist your enemy. When you resist him and all who are with him, they must flee. That is why, in this time, I am telling you to use your authority, that I’ve given to you to resist all this lawlessness and to tear down its power over you in your family and your nations. Declare my glory to fill your homes and your nations. Give me and my angels authority to move. Speak, what I tell you to my children, and those words will tear down your enemy’s power, their plans, and their control. Today, my children, get up from your place of defeat or despair. Get up and receive from me. Receive my glory. Let me in my children to your lives every day. I will give you rest that you have never known. My children, you have been under pressure, anxiety, stress, fear, and worry to a degree. Your enemy was going to use it to further his control over you. Break through those chains with my word. Break free from those chains by praise and worship. Even when everything is telling you, you can’t. That is your enemy resisting you, so you give in to his lies. Break his control over your minds, your bodies, your children, your family, your finances, your jobs. Use the authority I have given to you, and it will change everything before your eyes. Let your enemy know you are no longer defeated, but you are taking back the victory that already belongs to you. It’s time for greater glory, so expect to receive it, and your lives are about to forever change sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. ##

*** Your enemies you will see, start to stumble over their words and their lies. More will be caught on live TV. It’s time for their lies to be revealed to the world. Destruction is coming to the one world government and all who are with them. See them all crumble. See all their power taken away. See their finances and places of power being ripped away. I’m the judge over all the earth and judgment is about to strike them all down in front of the world. Get ready, my children, for a great shaking upon this earth. A great shaking that is tearing down all the walls, all their lies, their control, their finances, their businesses, and all their economies and all their fraudulent governments. One eruption after another is about to explode to destroy every lie and all that corruption. It’s all about to change. It’s all about to happen. So brace for sudden impact my children sayet the Lord of Hosts. ##

The Holocaust is going to be in the news again, and look who is talking about it. All their lies and their plans are coming down in front of the world sayeth the Lord.

Nicaragua. I say this name again, will be in your news watch and see what is about to take place there and know my children. I give you the news before the news,

The Arctic ocean will be in your news. I am telling you once again to watch the waters, there is more in the water your enemies tried to hide, but I am revealing it all.

Romania is about to be in your news.

*** Hawaii is also going to be in your news. An eruption will take place there that will signal Obama’s demise. And the truth that’s about to come out of this location Obama wanted to keep hidden. His birth certificate is fake and there is substantial proof that has been suppressed that no longer will be. Everything Obama has done during his presidency is going to be overturned and overthrown along with his puppet, “the Biden”. Watch those two be exposed. News reports are about to come out regarding Obama and his Washington home. Surveillance and proof of his shadow government is about to be proven. It is not a conspiracy. Someone on my side, infiltrated his side and was inner most circle, and the proof of all these strings Obama has had against Trump and every person and every imposter on both sides and people he blackmailed to get in and to spy on the rightful President and his government and spied on the American people using the NSA. Oh yes, all they have done is about to be exposed. The CIA and every agency is about to be exposed, and there is more in the FBI going on that’s about to come to the light. Obama appointed generals that are about to step down, walk away or retire. They are connected not only to Obama, but China. They are traders and they turn their backs on truth and try to destroy your freedoms. All this is about to be revealed. A cleansing has been happening in the military and you are about to see it. Listen for more people in the Pentagon to leave abruptly. Yes, this is yet another sign the infiltrators are coming down and justice will be served. Every trader against this nation has been caught red-handed whether you believe these words yet or not. ##

*** Wake up my children for some of you are still asleep. Things are changing, and this is a time of great turnarounds. This is a time for reversals. I’m uncovering the truth that your enemies tried so desperately to keep hidden. They killed many to keep their secrets and their blood has spoken to me and cries out for justice. My vengeance will be seen against your enemies, my children, and all who are against me sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** Yuval Noah Harari, you will fall for your deception for your lies, and you are not a God, and you are not invincible. You’ll be exposed as a snake that you are. Every plan and everything you have tried to complete against a human race will be destroyed by me. You are a false prophet. You are a deceiver and judgment is about to hit you when you least expect it. You don’t believe in me, but you will soon see that I exist. I’m in control and you and everyone with you are not. Yuval all your days are numbered sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** All who false profits and all who are deceivers and liars, I will expose them all. It says in my word, vengeance is mine, and, my children, you will see my vengeance and judgment upon your enemies in this hour in ways you never thought possible sayeth the Lord. ##

*** All the impossible looking things, you see right now my children that you never thought would change are about to. I am the God who nothing is impossible. I will show you all what’s impossible for man, but not for me sayeth the Lord. ##

*** The Georgia Guidestones will be in your news again. Your enemies want to rebuild this, but that will never happen. Not only will this not be rebuilt, but I am moving my Hand to destroy more of their monuments and they can do nothing to stop it sayeth the Lord. ##

Aramaic, this word will be in your news.

** A lion will be in your news for an unusual reason. When you see this in your news, remember I’m the lion of the TRIBE of Judah. Nothing gets past me. ##

*** Noah’s Ark will be in your news. And when you see this, remember my glory is about to fill this earth, so receive it in greater measure now. ##

** The capital building will be in your news. Watch and see, this will be a signal of a clean sweep and a cleansing of every seat. My children, great changes are upon you now, so get ready for suddenlies to occur. I am the God of suddenlies, and your enemies will never be able to prepare themselves for what is about to take place, so start to celebrate my children, it’s all about to change sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##




2022 Feast Dates

3 Pilgrimage Feasts:

  1. Passover [Pilgrimage Feast] {April 16-23} Sader. Remove old Leven (man’s teachings vs. God).

Unleavened Bread

First Fruits (beginning of grain harvest)

  • 7 Sabbaths [micro model of Shmita years every 7 years]
  • 50th Day (counting of the Omer) [micro models of the Jubilee, every 50 years]
  1. Savuot (Weeks) [Pilgrimage Feast] Feast of Weeks. {June 5-6} Festival or Reaping. Day of the First fruits. Spring harvest. Torah was Given / Pentecost (50) (Holy Spirit) [Deut. 16:9-11 and Lev. 23:15-22, Exodus 20:18, Jeremiah 31:33, Acts 1:3, Acts 2:1-4]. Get new Leven (God’s teaching vs. mans)

[7 months later]

  1. Other key Set Apart Days:
    1. Feast of Trumpets (1st Day) – Rosh Hashana [Jewish New Year for the repentance from sin] {Sept 25-27}
    2. Atonement (7th day) {Oct 5} – (Yom Kippur) Most holy day of the Jewish calendar when the high priest made an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the people.
    3. Sukkot – (15th day) [Pilgrimage Feast] {Oct 10-17} Feast of the Tabernacles. Weeklong Fall festival commemorating the 40-year journey of the Israelites in the wilderness.


  1. The Feast of Trumpets (September). Sep 25-27, 2022

The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah, Leviticus 23:23-25) was celebrated on Tishri 1.   —- and marks the beginning of the high holy days or the days of awe.

The Jewish New Year begins on 1 Tishri, known as Rosh HashanaRosh Hashanah literally meaning the “head [of] the year”, is the Jewish New Year. The biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah, literally “day of shouting or blasting”.

In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you are to have a Shabbat rest, a memorial of blowing (shofarot), a holy convocation. You are to do no regular work, and you are to present an offering made by fire to Adonai.
(Leviticus 23:24-25 TLV)

  1. The Feast of the Day of Atonement (September/October). Oct 5, 2022

The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur, Leviticus 23:26-28) was celebrated on Tishri 10. It was the most holy day of Israel’s calendar. On the Day of Atonement, the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies to make a sacrifice for sins on behalf of Israel.

The tenth day of this seventh month is Yom Kippur, a holy convocation to you, so you are to afflict yourselves. You are to bring an offering made by fire to Adonai. You are not to do any kind of work on that set day, for it is Yom Kippur, to make atonement for you before Adonai your God.
(Leviticus 23:27-28 TLV)

  1. The Feast of Tabernacles (September/October) Oct 10-17, 2022

The Feast of Tabernacles (Leviticus 23:33-34, 42, Sukkot) was held on Tishri 15. Israel celebrated living in tabernacles when God led them out of Egypt. During the Feast of Tabernacles, Jews would live in temporary shelters.

On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Feast of Sukkot, for seven days to Adonai. On the first day there is to be a holy convocation—you are to do no laborious work. For seven days you are to bring an offering by fire to Adonai.
(Leviticus 23:34-36 TLV)

The eighth day will be a holy convocation to you, and you are to bring an offering by fire to Adonai. It is a solemn assembly—you should do no laborious work.
(Leviticus 23:36 TLV)

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