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Adam Schiff Treason! Midterm Red Tsunami? B2T Show Oct 20, 2022

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Adam Schiff continues to lie, but now accountability and justice will be served as he  will be tried for treason according to a prophetic word from Julie Green.

Rick researches and shows 7-8 different prophetic words on Schiff that show he will lose his position of power, be tried for treason and lose his life.

The Cuomo brothers will also take more hits and be exposed according to the word.  There is much more to their stories.

Rick also reviews news about the upcoming Red Tsunami, Hunter’s laptop that has at least 459 legal violations, and the how Brandonomics continues to kill the economy.

Julie’s word from the Lord also confirms a Red Tsunami is coming and that the RINOs will be exposed and removed after the election.

Jaun O’Savin believes big events will happen on October 29, but Rick believes the Red Sea moments will likely be in late-November or December.

The FBI continues to take hits as more whistle blowers come forward.

Rick teaches on Genesis 37 where we learn more about the story of Joseph when he was only 17 years old and the story about his dreams and how his brothers hated him.

We then praise to an awesome worship song before crossing over to backstage. Backstage we hear numerous praise reports and have new members pray for Rob (Rick’s brother) and we use are authority in Christ to call down the Cabal, the News Stations worldwide and call for the rescue of our children by Miliatry soldiers!  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstaget

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