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Adam Schiff Treason Charges! AOC Removal. B2T Show Jan 26, 2022

Show Notes

Adam Schiff gets kicked off the intelligence committee, but that is nothing compared to his crimes that will be revealed and his treason charges upcoming according to the latest prophetic word from Julie Green.

The Word also calls out AOC and says she will be removed from her seat.

Other bombshells in the word include the downfall of Google, as well as the UN and the EU!  Also, the Lord will be cleaning out the House and the Senate as well before the 2024 election.

Rick also covers the most recent news including the CNN’s ratings going lower and Trump highlighting it’s demise.

Trump calls out AT&T to keep NewsMax on and add OAN back to DirectTV and take CNN and MSNBC off.

Rick covers more America Last news and after reading and comminating on Julie’s prophesy brings on Quantum Rob to discuss healthy weight loss.

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Rick then reviews other news before moving to PraiseNPrayer where we lift up the Lord and hear several Praise Reports.

As we worship, Rick teaches on how key parts of Exodus apply to today!

Then we move into intercessory prayer between songs and end with the blowing of the Sofar!  We go backstage to honor Kent as he will no longer be on the B2T platform as he focuses on his wife health battles.

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CNN’s Primetime Viewership Plummets to Just 444,000 as Don Lemon Hits Record Low





Prophetic Word

Jan 25, 2022 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by Rick – A SHIFT OF POWER IN THE SENATE WILL TAKE PLACE

*** For I the Lord am reminding my children that I sit in the heavenlys and laugh at how big and how smart, how invincible your enemies truly believe they are. They believe they are gods and that I do not exist, and even if I did exist, they have more power than I do. But little do they know how all of this will change for them in a very short time. The world will see who I Am, and the world will see who they really are, and will see their defeat. A great defeat is coming. A defeat greater than Egypt. Yes, much greater than that. A defeat greater than the first Exodus and at the Red Sea. It has to be, because this will affect all nations on this earth. Your enemies are going down in a way you least expect it and in a timeframe you wouldn’t think would have been possible. ##

*** A mudslide of truth is coming that will destroy every lie and damage everything in its path that would dare to get in the way. Your enemies are about to try and pull something massive in the next few months, but it will not work. Their failures are overwhelming them and it will be seen more and more. They will not be able to hide how evil they are on camera anymore. Watch them and their arrogance. They’re bold statements. They will appear more and more senile and insane. It will be hard to believe the nonsense they are truly wanting you to believe and to follow them and to take everything they say and do as truth. Well ,that won’t work. It’s about to blow up in their faces, you would say, and soon you will see. ##

*** My children, it’s time to follow me and my word, pray and obey like never before. I will show you who you really are and not who the world says you are. It’s time to rise above. It’s time for nothing to be held back that I have for you. So get ready for my outpouring of My Glory that the world is about to experience. Get ready my children for me sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. ##

*** AOC, as you call her, is about to be exposed and what is happening to her will shock you. Nothing will stop her removal sayeth the Lord. ##

*** Adam Schiff. You think that this is all that will happen to you that you have experienced lately, but just wait. You’ll be charged for treason and it will be your end. You refuse me and refuse to repent. All the money you took, all the lies you told, all the dirty deals you are a part of, the world will know who you really are, and they will see your judgment sayeth the Lord. ##

*** My children, again, I say, watch the House of Representatives. Something significant is brewing and it will get the world’s attention. A shift of power in the Senate will take place. Lord, how can this be? We just had an election. My children, I do not need an election to remove people that do not belong in power. Neither do you. You just need me, and you’ll see a great shaking is coming to this government controlling Washington DC sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** Google is about to be exposed even worse than Twitter and greater than you thought It could have been how they were used by this fake government in Washington. You will see China involved and other governments involved you didn’t even know were or would be. The end is near for for Google and YouTube censorship because soon they will be censored sayeth the Lord.

*** The UN is about to be fully exposed. This never should have been formed, and I the Lord will show you my children how they have been used against the world to help enslave all the nations. Their time for being in control of various things is over. The EU is about to shake. It’s about to be exposed in a way they never thought. I am bringing down all the world organizations they’ve put in place for global control and wiping them out of their positions and places of power. It’s time for total transformation and a total takeover sayeththe Lord of Hosts. ##

*** My church. Get up now and know who you are with me. It’s time for the world to see who you are with me. It’s time for a great separation, a great distinction between my children and the world. The people of the world are about to know who my children really are, where My Glory can be found, where miracles happen. They will see proof of revival and what you have been saying, my children, about me, is actually true. This is a time for The Great I Am to be seen and known sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. #


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Bible Teaching

Exodus 1

Pharaoh Oppresses Israel

Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. And he said to his people, “Behold, the people of Israel are too many and too mighty for us. 10 Come, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply, and, if war breaks out, they join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the land.” 11 Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with heavy burdens. They built for Pharaoh store cities, Pithom and Raamses. 12 But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad. And the Egyptians were in dread of the people of Israel. 13 So they ruthlessly made the people of Israel work as slaves 14 and made their lives bitter with hard service, in mortar and brick, and in all kinds of work in the field. In all their work they ruthlessly made them work as slaves.

15 Then the king of Egypt said to the Hebrew midwives, one of whom was named Shiphrah and the other Puah, 16 “When you serve as midwife to the Hebrew women and see them on the birthstool, if it is a son, you shall kill him, but if it is a daughter, she shall live.” 17 But the midwives feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but let the male children live. 18 So the king of Egypt called the midwives and said to them, “Why have you done this, and let the male children live?” 19 The midwives said to Pharaoh, “Because the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women, for they are vigorous and give birth before the midwife comes to them.”20 So God dealt well with the midwives. And the people multiplied and grew very strong. 21 And because the midwives feared God, he gave them families. 22 Then Pharaoh commanded all his people, “Every son that is born to the Hebrews[a] you shall cast into the Nile, but you shall let every daughter live.”

Exodus 5

Making Bricks Without Straw

Afterward Moses and Aaron went and said to Pharaoh, “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘Let my people go, that they may hold a feast to me in the wilderness.’” But Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, and moreover, I will not let Israel go.” Then they said, “The God of the Hebrews has met with us. Please let us go a three days’ journey into the wilderness that we may sacrifice to the Lord our God, lest he fall upon us with pestilence or with the sword.” But the king of Egypt said to them, “Moses and Aaron, why do you take the people away from their work? Get back to your burdens.”And Pharaoh said, “Behold, the people of the land are now many,[a] and you make them rest from their burdens!” The same day Pharaoh commanded the taskmasters of the people and their foremen, “You shall no longer give the people straw to make bricks, as in the past; let them go and gather straw for themselves. But the number of bricks that they made in the past you shall impose on them, you shall by no means reduce it, for they are idle. Therefore they cry, ‘Let us go and offer sacrifice to our God.’ Let heavier work be laid on the men that they may labor at it and pay no regard to lying words.”

Psalm 105

36 He also [c]destroyed all the firstborn in their land,
The first of all their strength.

37 He also brought them out with silver and gold,
And there was none feeble among His tribes.
Egypt was glad when they departed,
For the fear of them had fallen upon them.

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