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Adam Schiff Treason Charges! AOC Removal. B2T Show Jan 26, 2022

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Adam Schiff gets kicked off the intelligence committee, but that is nothing compared to his crimes that will be revealed and his treason charges upcoming according to the latest prophetic word from Julie Green.

The Word also calls out AOC and says she will be removed from her seat.

Other bombshells in the word include the downfall of Google, as well as the UN and the EU!  Also, the Lord will be cleaning out the House and the Senate as well before the 2024 election.

Rick also covers the most recent news including the CNN’s ratings going lower and Trump highlighting it’s demise.

Trump calls out AT&T to keep NewsMax on and add OAN back to DirectTV and take CNN and MSNBC off.

Rick covers more America Last news and after reading and comminating on Julie’s prophesy brings on Quantum Rob to discuss healthy weight loss.

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Rick then reviews other news before moving to PraiseNPrayer where we lift up the Lord and hear several Praise Reports.

As we worship, Rick teaches on how key parts of Exodus apply to today!

Then we move into intercessory prayer between songs and end with the blowing of the Sofar!  We go backstage to honor Kent as he will no longer be on the B2T platform as he focuses on his wife health battles.

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