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8.0+ Earthquake Coming! Julie Green LIVE. B2T Show Sep 20, 2022

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Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

An earthquake in the US greater than 8 on the richter scale coming soon!

A prophetic word from Julie Green warns of this earthquake and how the Death Angel will take 2 congressmen on the same day with many others to follow!

Julie comes on LIVE and gives us insights on yet to be released prophetic words!

We get to hear about her expanded relationship with His Glory and Ark of Grace Ministries as well as Blessed2Teach.

Julie also discusses our authority in Christ, how important it is to reset how we think and how we pray.

Julie even shares how she was suicidal and how changing her thinking was key!

We also learn about her heavy travel schedule and how we can always carve out time for the Lord.

Rick prays for Julie and then we head backstage where Julie answers key questions and then we are able to lift her up in prayer and refresh her.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage




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Prophetic word

Sep 20 (15) – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting – A TIME OF GOVERNMENTAL CHANGE

JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES Published September 20, 2022

*** For I the Lord this day am telling my children to war in the spirit like never before. Warfare is great against you in this world right now. But remember I am greater. Nothing planned against you will go as planned. Your enemies will always fail against me and again, I say to you, my children, I am in you. Shout your enemies down. Shout for all their plans have failed, shout their defeat and watch it happen in this time you are living in. The great Exodus is upon you, so hold on this time might look a little rough and some people will grow weary, but hold on my children, this won’t last long. Your enemies are defeated and it’s about to be seen by the whole world sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

Nagasaki, this name again, I say will be in your news. Watch what happens when you see this, and you’ll remember my words came first, sayeth the Lord.

King star, this will be in your news

Hydrant. This word will also be in your news.

A well known desert will be in your news. A sign will be seen in an event will take place that’ll be undeniable that I do give the news before the news.

Hershaw I say this name again will be in your news.

A hot spring will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Hermitage. I say this name again will be in your news.

A certain weather forecaster will be in your news for an unusual reason. Robert Pattison, his name will be in your news and not at all for what you are thinking.

Belize will be in your news for an unusual reason.

*** A great shaking will be in DC, watched as dominoes are falling and their plans against this nation will continue to fail. Someone is about to come out on the side of the left, who will turn on them. Someone who you wouldn’t even expect. Something is coming down the pipeline to expose and destroy the narrative, and you will soon see more and more jumping ship and separating themselves as much as they can before it all falls. But this next fall will rattle the nation to its core for good reason, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Kawasaki, this name I say will be in your news.

*** The time has come where a Senator and a Congressman will die on the same day signaling to you, my children, the death angel has come to your enemies and it will continue to be seen and more and more will die who have defied me and who have committed heinous crimes in this world, and they refuse to repent and turn from their wicked ways. The time has come for my judgment to be seen upon this earth against the ones who are against me. ##

*** Something Big is on the horizon they had planned to put the world at a standstill again, to control the world. But once they make such a move, they will know that they are not in control, I am, and this move will be their last sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

*** Catastrophic damage will be in your news. It will appear that weather’s becoming more violent and more unusual, and these events will take place to usher in your victories. These are the plagues and judgements of today. Your enemies won’t be able to escape what is coming to them now sayeth at the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** A major nuclear truth bomb someone has been holding back until this time and season. You will know it as soon as you hear it and it will start a fire in the enemy’s camp, they will not be able to contain sayeth the Lord. ##

Batten down the hatches. This phrase will be in your news.

*** A monstrous storm is coming for the east coast and it will slam into DC to stop what they’re planning to do next against you, Oh, United States. But their plans will continue to falter in front of the world. ##

*** Another person who you would never expect is about to come out against the Biden and they will say he’s illegitimate and needs to be removed. The time has come for great removals to begin sayeth the Lord. ##

Hazelnut. I say this word again will be in your news.

*** Another major earthquake will be recorded and reported. This one will be greater than an eight on the rector scale. This signals a change has begun and new governments are about to take their places of power. Yes, new governments are coming to many nations and a fall of another government is about to be seen. A collapse of a government will show the world no government against me is safe from judgment sayeth the Lord. ##

A major coup is about to take place and it will be in your news that people will refuse to just take what the government is doing next to take more freedoms. These are the days to resist my children. Fight the good fight of faith, fight with power and prayer and watch your enemies run. My glory is filling this earth and your enemies will not be able to withstand it. Let my glory fill you up my children, and you will be a force that will be unstoppable in this world. Sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

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