Who’s the Racists? Perp Walks on 11/11? – B2T Show Nov 3

Show Notes:

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Hillary Jokes They All Look the Same 

Trump Stuns Reporter 


Perp Walks on 11/11?  Not an Autist, Baker, Wizard or Warlock but…..

Trump’s already setup the greatest US economy in history. Coming soon: Tesla’s free energy, NO Income Tax. End of Fed. Hidden CURES[cancer/aids/etc]. UNpoisoned Food/Water/Air. Human Emancipation

My big Q moment!!

The Truth is Seeping into the National Consciousness

The NC Board of Elections denied my request for an absentee ballot saying I didnt submit in time. So I drove 2 hours to spit in the Deep State’s face.

San Fran Treats illegals

GOP senator proposes bill that would kill two birds with one stone vis-à-vis border wall

Crow Indian Warriors Support Trump and Rosedale in Bozeman, Montana

US Mexico Border Tense Atmosphere – Install Razor Wire 

Why Did President Trump Refer to Obama as ‘Barack H. Obama’ ? >> Because that is Exactly How His Name Would Appear on Federal Indictment O_O

Senior Trump Administration Official DEAD

WTF? Democrats get Twitter to BAN 10,000 accounts ahead of the election!!

Rex’s Twitter account suspended last night. I guess he was making too much impact on the election.

These 9 signed the FISA warrant if this 8ch find is real – scans with signatures

FBI Vault Weiner’s Laptop Contained 340,000 Emails Many Between Huma and Hillary 

Illegal Alien Murders Wife after Portland Sheriff Sets Him Free Without Notifying ICE

November 3rd Q Discussion

Brexit News Theresa May Threatens to Quit 

Petition for Don Lemon to be Fired

BREAKING: Grassley Criminally Refers ANOTHER Kavanaugh Accuser to DOJ – Woman ADMITS Rape Accusation Was a “Ploy”

Winning – Plans 50% Cheaper than Obamacare 

It’s starting: Unsealed Indictments in the 1MDB Case. Many BIG Players Involved, Including Goldman Sachs

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker calls Obama the ‘biggest liar of the world’

The Papadopoulos Interview – Explosive Revelations You Need to Know

Leaked Open Society Foundation Document; The Last Election

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16-10-19 1 Full Circle 10-19-16 Mark Taylor


The Spirit of God says: “Russia, that’s right Russia, I will use Russia, the United States of America and her allies, to take on the 4th Reich called lSlS. For it has come full circle again, that’s right again. The New World Order is trying to rise and take its’ place, just like they did in WWll, using the Nazi’s. They will try again using lSlS. For this plague is spreading but not for long, for they will be wiped out for their wrongs. For just as in WWll, America and her allies came in from the west and Russia from the east, so shall it be again to slay this so called beast, and it will be brought down to the least. Some will say,” why would I use Russia? Am I not the God of the cosmos?

I will use anyone and any nation I choose, whether some like it or not! I will not be put in a box!”

The Spirit of God says. “The ties that were severed between America and Russia, will begin to mend and they will take on this so called Goliath and with one stone shall slay it and all those that are behind it.  For it is not just lSlS they will fight, but the Elite, the Globalists, and the llluminati who will be exposed by my light. For they are an enemy to the world and my agenda. They shall fall with a mighty blow, so that my gospel will begin to flow. For they wear their flag as if it were a prayer shawl, so they will be taken down with my Shock and Awe! For freedom and liberty will begin to ring, and the people will begin to sing, as healing and light come from my wings. My people rejoice and shout, for my gospel is coming and will go through all the earth, and all the nations will know this is why My America was birthed!”

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