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The B2T Show

2 Justices to be Replaced? Ukraine Underground Child Trafficking. B2T Show May 9, 2022

B2T Show

Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

A Prophetic Word from Julie Green confirms that 2 Supreme Court Justices treasonous acts will be exposed.

Video and audio evidence from a whistleblower will soon be revealed.

We also learn about underground tunnels and crimes against Children happening throughout the World including Ukraine.

We hear Hakeem Jefferies and Eric Swalwell will be exposed as well and that Chuck Schumer will lose his life due to his crimes.

Devin Nunez is told in a Prophetic Word that he is protected and should move forward.

January 6 truth will be fully revealed, and the Durham report will continue to expose truth about SpyGate.

Major news will come out of Canada and after the US is set free from the Cabal it is a sign that freedom is coming to Canada.

Rick reviews news around Biden’s lack of options on Roe vs. Wade, the economy and other America Last resorts.

Rick then review Exodus 18 that gives some clarity about how to organize the B2T Ministries and other Ministries after the upcoming Great Exodus.

Then we go Backstage for PraiseNPrayer for a full hour. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:

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