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1984 in 2019! Twitter/Cabal Censorship – New Q Drops! B2T Show Feb 23

Show Notes:

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ICANN Announcement 


InTheMatrixxx Thread on Q Proofs 



If Hillary’s criminal empire can shut down and censor citizens on the internet 2 years after she lost, imagine how powerful she would be had she won… trust the plan

UC Berkeley Cops refuse to release the name of the suspect that sucker punched the Turning Point Activist Handing Out Flyers. There’s a $120 Reward now for Anyone who releases the name!

Shit hitting fan! Finally. With the pedos.


If the Dems are so concerned with global warming, why isn’t AOC and other Dems protesting outside of the Chinese and Indian Embassies?



Transgender daughter of ROB COHEN (Director of Fast and Furious) says father started raping her/him at 2 years old. A LOT of sex shit is coming out right now… this could be the damn breaking

MASSIVE CROWD of Thousands Rally in Salford, England in Support of Tommy Robinson and Against Far Left BBC Propagandists (VIDEO)

5G Trumps Way! Overrides Cabal’s 5G Plan – New Q Drops! B2T Show Feb 22



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