1 Temple Mormon + 1 Left Wing Evolutionist = 2 Biblical Christians?

Rick Becomes an “evolutionist”

I was a very liberal “evolutionist” from Junior High (when my science book/teacher convinced me evolution was true) until I was 27.  At the age of 27, I was at the University of Texas getting my MBA, partying 3-4 times a week, when my life changed dramatically.  I was home for Christmas (Idaho) and met a girl I really liked (Shannon) who was in Idaho for Christmas from Utah.  We fell for each other and started dating long-distance.

We did have one big problem, however.  She was a Mormon and I was an evolutionist! 

So I decided to start studying the world religions and the Bible in an attempt to convince Shannon (when she was a Mormon) that all Religions were the “opium of the masses.”  I hoped to convince her that religion has no real relevance to our lives now or after death.  Shannon started trying to convince me Mormonism was the only true religion.

Rick Studies Religion 30+ Hours a Week 

As I mentioned, I became an “evolutionist” and did not see a need for God after my 7th and 8th grade science teachers showed me all the factual evidence for evolution.  About 18 years later, since my MBA studies at the University of Texas were not very time consuming, I spent 30+ hours a week for three to four months studying the world religions, Biblical Christianity, Mormonism, and Evolution.

By nature I am a skeptic and will not believe anything unless I see factual evidence (thus the reason I accepted evolution as man’s origin in Junior High).   My new search brought me new/updated facts that were quite surprising.  Most poignant was that all the “facts” I could recall from my science classes regarding evolution as our origin (the embryonic theory, vestigial organs, horse series, etc.) had since been debunked as false.

Rick Learns About the Evidence Supporting the Bible 

Further studies shocked me as I learned of the accuracy of our current Bible translations as verified through archeological findings, historical evidence, and the science of textual criticism.  At the same time I was studying the evidence for the Book of Mormon and finding just the opposite of the Bible.  For instance, the Book of Mormon contains many anachronisms, has no archaeological evidence (while over 90,000 findings have directly confirmed Biblical passages compared to zero findings for the Book of Mormon), historical evidence, or textual criticism evidence.

I later studied in more detail all the subjects above including prophesy.  It was interesting to find the many false prophecies of Joseph Smith and other self-proclaimed prophets when the Bible (Duet. 18:20-22) clearly teaches that it only takes one false prophecy to prove a prophet as false.  Amazingly, my critical eye could not find any false prophecies in the Bible and I leaned of an amazing number that were fulfilled including hundreds that were fulfilled in the Person of Jesus Christ.

After several additional weeks of in-depth study, it soon took more faith to not believe Christ was who he claimed to be than it took to believe his claims.

After watching the Jesus Video at a Campus Crusade for Christ presentation on Good Friday of 1992, I did not say the salvation prayer at the end of the movie because I was scared of what God would ask of me.  I walked out of the theator and broke down into tears on my walk to the car saying “O.K. Jesus, I’m yours, let me know what you want me to do.”

A New Believer is in Love with a Mormon 

The next five months were very difficult as Shannon and I continued to date.  This time, instead of a Mormon dating an evolutionist, she was dating a Biblical Christian.  My journey resulted in a wonderful peace and sense of confidence.  When I first watched the Jesus movie, I remember not wanting to accept Jesus into my life because I was afraid God would send me into full-time missions in Africa.  Instead, He freed me to be more successful in my current endeavors.  Worries in which I had little control over (political problems at work, who would like me, etc.), I now gave to God.  With these burdens lifted, I was a more effective worker and a more loving and understanding boyfriend to Shannon.

Shannon continued on a path to prove Mormonism was the “true” religion.  However, God had other plans.  She moved to Dallas to date me for the summer and her job was at a Baylor Medical Center where she worked with several Christians and had ample time to ask detailed question of the Christian Chaplain who also had studied the fallacies of Mormonism.  Shannon would learn facts from me that she refused to believe until they were confirmed by the Chaplain and from original Mormon documentation she studied.

As we studied the Bible together, she soon also realized it took more faith to hang on to the false beliefs of Mormonism, than to accept the truth she was learning about the real Jesus Christ of the Bible.

In less than 6 months, we were married and now have a daughter and a son.  Despite being two very different people (Shannon as a very conservative Mormon and me as a very liberal “evolutionist”), we are growing together.  In stark contrast to the many people who “grow apart” in marriages, we have grown much closer in our beliefs, values and ideas.  We enjoy the wisdom in the Bible, wonderful new Christian music (some to radical for Shannon, but fun for me), and sharing our lives together with Jesus as the centerpiece.

It is comforting to know that we have the true God in our lives and that this truth is not dependent on how we “feel.”   Just like 1+1=2 is true/factual no matter how you or I feel about it, Jesus came to earth to deliver us from our sin no matter how we feel about it.  God loves us even if we at times don’t feel that love.  The trustworthiness of the Bible and its Biblical (owners manual) teachings clearly show that He does love us and we can trust Him with our lives.  He will take the talents we have and use them in exciting ways.

Becoming a Believer 

To receive eternal life you can say a prayer to God and do the following:

1. Admit to God we are a sinner in need of a savior.  Our sin will lead to spiritual death without a Savior.  (Romans 3:23 & 6:23)

2. Accept the fact that Jesus died on the cross for your sins (Romans 5:8)

3. Place your trust in Jesus Christ alone as your Savior, confessing He is the Lord and believe your heart that God raised him from the dead (Romans 10:9)

Here’s an example prayer

“Lord, I’m sorry about the sin in my life.  Thank you for forgiving me for my sins by your death on the cross.  I believe Jesus is Lord and believe in my heart that God raised him from the dead.  Most of all thank you for being my Savior and I surrender my life to you.  Please lead me and direct my path.”

If God can transform a temple Mormon and a left wing evolutionist into His followers, he can transform you.  Let Him lead you daily and stay in His Word, the Bible for guidance.


  • I do not know which way is more blessed, to watch nature In awe and know instinctively that there is a loving, wise powerful creator(my parents were very not into church!)…or being that skeptic who gets bowled over with truth. Whether our faith is a slow, quiet, peaceful encounter or a blow you off your feet encounter, the fact remains…He is God. He is love. He is powerful and He is the most awesome Creator whose gifts are all for us. All that He has IS OURS. How wonderful is that?!!!

  • Love your testimony Rick👍🏻

  • I love your work Rick, but I wonder why you have stalled in moving forward with your faith. True, Jesus requires us to commit our selves to Him; to love Him with all our minds, souls, and strength. But He also tells us how He wants us to love Him:
    1, Keep His Commandments.
    2, Take up your cross and participate in your salvation through prayer and suffering (sacrifice).
    3, Partake of His Sacraments (all of them).
    4, Quite a bit more.

    How does your faith fulfill His demands in John ch 6? I suggest you continue to study your faith with the same zeal you showed in pursuing your lovely wife. You are not yet at the end of that journey. Read the Scott Hahn books, especially his conversion story. You might also enjoy a book titled “Surprised by Truth”.

    Your friend in Christ,
    Jim Nolan

    • Sorry I missed this Jim. Not sure why this is judging my walk with Christ with a ton of “works” oriented rules. Be careful of how you judge. God Bless.

      • Not judging, Rick. Love you, love your work. You’re on your way to heaven.
        My own journey has been long and bumpy but I am still learning new things at 70 years old. I didn’t figure out the truth of the 6 days until I was 50, you’re ahead of me there. I still think you should read those books.
        Jim Nolan

        • Jim,

          Agreed our walk is never over and we can always grow. However, you were judging by telling me my “faith has stalled.” Then you prescribe a Catholic works based author for my solution. Sorry, my relationship with Christ is growing and my focus is not based on my works, but on the Word of God and my relationship with Jesus and the Almighty Creator. Happy that you have found peace on your journey, but I caution you not to focus too much on works that many people fall into (legalism). There is the other ditch on the other side of the road where people justify their sin that we don’t want to fall in either. Keeping your eyes on Jesus through the Word of God will allow you to stay on the sanctification path without justifying sin nor falling into the legalism/works based trap that Satan tries to set for us.

          God Bless,


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